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Season 8

Episode 34

(The Truth behind the Car Accident (4)

Gu Yusheng’s words were serious and earnest, as if he were relaying a solemn promise. This put Old Master Gu at an immediate loss for words. Looking at Gu Yusheng and the shredded photograph in the trash can, he gaped and thumped his cane on the floor twice. Without hesitation, he turned and walked out of Gu Yusheng’s villa.

A long time after Old Master Gu’s car had left, Qin Zhi’ai finally regained her senses. Slowly, she walked over and stood next to Gu Yusheng. Gazing at his red and swollen cheeks, she reached out and held his hand gently.

Sensing her touch, Gu Yusheng turned and took one look at her before drawing her into a tight embrace.

With his face swollen, Gu Yusheng was not anxious to leave the house, and Old Master Gu’s visit had killed Qin Zhi’ai’s mood to make dinner. Eventually, she whipped up two bowls of plain noodles just to fill their stomachs. After eating, they strolled around the courtyard for half an hour before washing up and retreating to bed early.

Because Gu Yusheng had headed home from work so quickly, he still had some unfinished business to take care of. After Qin Zhi’ai had fallen asleep, he headed to the study, and by the time he finished his work it was already 11:00 p.m. Expecting Qin Zhi’ai to be asleep, he slid back into bed quietly and, unexpectedly, she turned over and cozied up against his chest.

The bedroom was exceptionally quiet, and the nightlights put out a faint ethereal glow. Qin Zhi’ai listened to Gu Yusheng’s pounding heart for some time before lifting her hands toward his cheeks. Upon touching them gently, she immediately retracted her hands. After a while, she touched them again and asked quietly, “Does it hurt?”

“No.” Gu Yusheng shifted into a comfortable position and hugged Qin Zhi’ai tighter than before.

“You know that I meant here…” Qin Zhi’ai shifted her fingers to his chest and poked lightly, indicating the pain of being caught between his grandfather and her.

Gu Yusheng did not reply and simply changed the subject. “Xiao’ai, do you still remember the accident that I was involved in on the day when you were going to fly abroad?”

Confused by his sudden digression, she answered “mm” in a faltering voice.

“That day… I could actually have avoided that car…”

Qin Zhi’ai was shocked and jerked her head up to look at Gu Yusheng.

Gu Yusheng knew that they had always had a connection and that even if he was being nuanced she would grasp what he was saying to her. Without going into the details of that day’s incident, he changed his phrasing and said, “I can only feel alive when I have you by my side, so… I willingly accept any hardships that occur concerning us.”

The silence in the room again was heavy. Gu Yusheng closed his eyes for a moment and just as he opened them again, Qin Zhi’ai said, “Yusheng, why didn’t you question me about those photos?”

“What’s there to ask?” Gu Yusheng replied, again closing his eyes. He continued casually. “I’m not Liang Doukou’s husband, so why should I believe anything she says or does? I’m not crazy!”


  1. Adeola Adeniran Ahmodu5 October 2020 at 14:14

    Wow! Gu yusheng is impressing me day by day

  2. Mr Gu is a husband material 😜

  3. I pray for a man like yusheng

  4. I pray for a man like yusheng



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