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Season 8

Episode 33

(The Truth behind the Car Accident (3)

Within 10 seconds, a handprint clearly showed up on Gu Yusheng’s face.

As he was taller than his grandfather, Gu Yusheng had to slightly lower his head to look at him directly. They stared at each other for a long time; neither of them wanted to back off. Finally, Gu Yusheng moved his lips and said in a low voice, “Is that enough?”

Old Master Gu did not answer, and in the next moment Gu Yusheng grabbed his grandfather’s hand and used it to slap himself again like he had before.

This time, Gu Yusheng did not even bother to ask if that was enough. He stared at his grandfather for a few seconds and, realizing he was still going to remain silent, grabbed his grandfather’s hand for the third time to slap himself.

Just as Old Master Gu’s hand was about to touch Gu Yusheng’s face, he finally realized what was happening and forcefully pulled his hand back so Gu Yusheng would stop slapping himself. “Gu Yusheng, what are you doing?”

Gu Yusheng finally dropped his own hand when his grandfather pulled his back. He looked at his grandfather without showing any emotion and then calmly stated, “Grandpa, I am your grandson. If you want to hit me or scold me, I will take it without any complaint; however, you will not treat Xiao’ai like that. She is my wife, and she will be for the rest of my life. No matter how angry you are at her or how much you dislike her, you will not hit her. As long as I am alive, I will not let anyone hurt her, including you.”

For the past year, Old Master Gu and Gu Yusheng had often argued about Liang Doukou, but this was the first time that he could not look Gu Yusheng in the eye. He knew more than anyone how much Gu Yusheng had been influenced by his parents’ marriage, so he wanted Gu Yusheng to marry a girl he truly loved, because with that love the girl would always treat Gu Yusheng well.

On the other hand, Old Master Gu had watched Liang Doukou grow up, in a rich family but always showing that she had a good heart. She had always treated Gu Yusheng very well, to the extent that she had saved Old Master Gu’s life because he was Gu Yusheng’s grandfather.

Old Master Gu wanted Gu Yusheng to live a good life, and that was why he was pushing the issue. He did not think he had done anything wrong; however, in the intensity of this moment, he hesitated and became unsure.

Quickly turning his head to look at the photographs on the coffee table, Old Master Gu bent down to pick them up and thrust them into Gu Yusheng’s hands. “Look at these photos yourself. You tell me what kind of woman you married.”

With her arms at her sides, Qin Zhi’ai slightly curled her fingers to grip her clothing. Gu Yusheng looked down at the photographs, quickly flipped through them, and then turned his head to Qin Zhi’ai. Qin Zhi’ai felt herself stop breathing the moment her eyes locked with those of Gu Yusheng, and her anxiousness was evident.

Gu Yusheng lowered his head after he and Qin Zhi’ai quietly looked at each other, and then he tore up the photographs and tossed them into the trash can. “Grandpa, I absolutely trust the woman I married.”


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