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Season 8

Episode 30

(A Lifetime Promise, Growing Old Together (10)

“Those photos were—”

As before, Old Master Gu brusquely cut her off before she could explain herself. Speaking in a tone that was clearly more aggressive than before, he said, “You only need to tell me if that person in the photographs was you?”

But I was acting as Liang Doukou’s body double in her various dramas…

He hasn’t seen the postproduction photographs… He only has the originals, which all show my face…

Pursing her lips, Qin Zhi’ai replied truthfully, “Yes, it was me.”

Old Master Gu was waiting for this moment and, upon her confirmation, he fired another question while his glare bore into her eyes. “Were you the substitute whom I had found for Xiaokou back when she had to head overseas due to her illness?”

“Yes.” Qin Zhi’ai nodded her head.

“Were you the one who intentionally recorded this video?” As Old Master Gu interrogated her, he cast a glance toward Nanny Zhang, who was seated next to him. Acknowledging his signal, Nanny Zhang quickly whipped out her phone and pressed a button on the screen before handing it over to Qin Zhi’ai.

Only Liang Doukou and Zhou Jing were in the video. Liang Doukou was playing with her phone, while Zhou Jing was reading a script. After a few seconds, Liang Doukou said, “Help me reach that glass of water there.”

“Okay.” Zhou Jing quickly placed the glass down in front of Liang Doukou.

“Fetch me my bag.” After Zhou Jing passed the bag to her, Liang Doukou took out a pill. Out of curiosity, Zhou Jing asked her if she was ill, but Liang Doukou shook her head. Zhou Jing picked up the bottle for a closer look and said in a hushed tone, “Birth control! You’ve been taking birth-control pills all along?”

Upon seeing her surprised look, Liang Doukou remained calm, stating unemotionally, “I will not have his child.”

“Because I don’t like him. To be clear, even his touch disgusts me. Why do you think I’ve been nagging him to marry me for all these years? Out of love? Ha! You must be kidding! I was only interested purely because he is the CEO of the Gu Company, the strongest backer I have among all those invested in me. All along, I’ve only wanted the title of Mrs. Gu and definitely not Mrs. Gu Yusheng. You know me—I’m only interested in my career.

“To be honest, I’ve never even considered being intimate with him. It was all a show when I was in his presence or when we were in public. It was only his company I was interested in…”

Liang Doukou continued her ranting for some time.


At the end of the video, Qin Zhi’ai caught a glimpse of the date it had been filmed. At that point in time, there had still been a few more days left before she had to swap back her identity with Liang Doukou.

That person in the video was not Liang Doukou…

Qin Zhi’ai frowned. She recalled that before she had left, she had arranged with Gu Yusheng to have dinner at home. That night, he had stood her up. Upon returning in the wee hours, there had been something odd about him. Subsequently, he had become angry with her, and that was when he had tossed the wedding ring out of the window.

Back then, she had thought that he had flown into a rage because he had become aware of the incident with Lin Yi and that he had discovered that she had been taking birth-control pills.

No wonder some of the things that he had said were so strange.

To think that it was all because of this video…

Within a matter of minutes, Qin Zhi’ai had gotten a full picture of the situation.

So… back then, Gu Yusheng and I had completely fallen for Zhou Jing’s and Liang Doukou’s setup.

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