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 Season 8

Episode 25

(A Lifetime Promise, Growing Old Together (5)

After the car’s engine was turned off, Qin Zhi’ai opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling for a second before she lightly flipped off the blanket and walked to the window to look outside.

She saw Gu Yusheng walking out of the house, closing the door behind him, and approaching Old Master Gu. The two of them stood talking in the driveway.

Qin Zhi’ai couldn’t make out what they were saying, as the window was closed, but Old Master Gu’s face was angry. At one point, he even raised his cane at Gu Yusheng. Luckily, he hadn’t struck him, but he did swing it wildly in the air before putting it back down.

Qin Zhi’ai hesitated for a while before deciding to crack open the window. Once she did, she could clearly hear their voices.

“Yusheng, you’ve disappointed me so much. You should not have done it. You should have talked to me before you got married! How could you get married without letting me know?

“Do you know how embarrassed I was when Old Master Liang came to talk to me about this? I was ashamed! How am I going to face him in the future?

“And why did you marry this random secretary? Xiaokou was such a good girl, so why didn’t you want to marry her? Do you even think of me as your grandfather?”

Gu Yusheng had remained silent, listening to his grandfather scolding him. He suddenly looked up and interrupted his grandfather. “She is not a random girl. She is my love. I did not do it for no reason. I’ve never in my life ever wanted to marry anyone but her.”

Old Master Gu became angrier. “I want to see for myself just what kind of woman you are so attracted to,” he blasted as he quickly walked toward the house. Gu Yusheng held his arms up and blocked the way.

“She’s sleeping now. And she’s pregnant. Doctor Xia came to examine her yesterday. She’s had some complications and, Grandpa, you can’t see her. It’s for the safety of her and the baby’s health.”

Gu Yusheng’s ability to stand up for what he believed was right was one of the many traits Qin Zhi’ai admired him for. She put her hands on her stomach, where she knew the baby was safe and healthy.

Gu Yusheng’s physical and verbal stance worked, as Old Master Gu stopped insisting that he enter the house. “Yusheng, tell me, did she force you to marry her with the excuse of her pregnancy?”

“Yusheng, I’ve seen many women like her throughout my life. Her kind will use any dirty tricks to marry a wealthy man. You have no idea whether or not that baby she’s carrying is yours. How could you marry her so irrationally?

“You’ve gone too far this time and must have an explanation for Old Master Liang. Maybe tell him that you were forced to marry her due to her pregnancy and that we’ll have a DNA test immediately after she delivers the baby. If it’s yours, she can stay. If it isn’t, she and the baby will leave immediately!”

“No way!” Gu Yusheng answered firmly. “Either she stays with me or we both leave. There is no other option.”

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