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 Season 8

Episode 24

(A Lifetime Promise, Growing Old Together (4)

After some time, Qin Zhi’ai said, “You shouldn’t have said those things to her.”

She had been undeniably touched and blissful when she’d heard his words of affection. When she’d watched Liang Doukou break down in Zhou Jing’s arms from the car, her anger had been appeased, and she’d been silently gleeful. But now that they had hurt Liang Doukou, she realized that, in Old Master Gu’s eyes, this was equivalent to their having eloped without telling anyone.

“It doesn’t make a difference whether I said that or not.” Gu Yusheng veered the car to make a turn and then looked at Qin Zhi’ai, saying, “Now that we’ve bumped into her, it will be impossible to keep matters under wraps. Even if I hadn’t said anything, my grandfather would still be informed.”

That sounds reasonable, too…

Qin Zhi’ai remained silent but sneaked one nervous glance at Gu Yusheng’s continuously vibrating cell phone.

Gu Yusheng could tell that she was nervous. Just five minutes from their villa, he steered the car to the curb and turned on the hazards. Taking her hands and squeezing them, he looked at her seriously and solemnly.

“Xiao’ai, every problem has a solution. Don’t think too much about it. My grandfather has always wanted a granddaughter-in-law. He’ll undoubtedly have difficulty accepting you anytime soon but, once he knows you’re pregnant, he will not cross the line with me because of the child. And… you still have me, don’t you?”

For the past two days, he had showered her with touching words and special moments, to the point where she thought she could become immune to such gestures, but she was deeply moved when he so sincerely and ceremoniously reminded her that he was there for her.

She felt her nose sting and then laughed in a girlish giggle. “If little peanut ever finds out that his daddy was used as his mommy’s good luck charm, he will probably become a lucky charm collector.”

Seeing her smile, Gu Yusheng turned on the car engine. Perplexed, he repeated her. “Little peanut?”

“Yup…” Qin Zhi’ai realized that she hadn’t yet told Gu Yusheng that she had given the baby a nickname. “The baby’s nickname is little peanut. I came up with it after thinking about it for an exceedingly long time. Does it sound nice?”

Looking through the rearview mirror, he laughed sarcastically as Qin Zhi’ai dramatically flaunted her cleverness. Subsequently, a look of relief formed across his face. “Well, thank goodness you didn’t name him little foodie.”

He’s so annoying! After so many years, he’s still calling me a foodie!

With her cheeks puffed up in a pout, Qin Zhi’ai turned her head away from Gu Yusheng.

Back at the villa, Gu Yusheng instructed the housekeeper to run a bath for Qin Zhi’ai, and then he went into the kitchen to cut some fruits and boil milk for her.

While he was busy, Qin Zhi’ai lounged on the sofa and watched TV. Gu Yusheng’s cell phone was on the coffee table, and every now and then it would persistently vibrate.

After she’d taken a bath and eaten her fruit, Gu Yusheng cajoled her to bed, but she couldn’t sleep soundly. Old Master Gu’s incessant calls to Gu Yusheng continued to vibrate in the room.

When she heard the faint sound of a car engine, she roused fully awake but, keeping her eyes closed, she pretended to be sound asleep. She could feel Gu Yusheng sliding his arm out gently from under her body. He then picked up his clothes and stealthily slipped out of the bedroom.

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