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 Season 8

Episode 19

(Yusheng, I Am Pregnant (5)

It was the photo from the marriage certificate.

Even though Gu Yusheng immediately closed the photo, the employees in the conference room had all seen it, as well as Gu Yusheng’s name on the certificate.

A boss who had just married was not an opportunity to waste. Suddenly, everyone in the conference room congratulated him and gave him their blessings.

Gu Yusheng wanted their congratulations and blessings, but he pretentiously cleared his throat to signal them to quiet down so they could start the meeting.

After the meeting ended, his finger slipped again and pressed on his reminder app: “Remember to buy pregnancy and childbirth books” popped up as he was trying to put his laptop away.

The conference room suddenly became loud again.

“Master Gu, is Mrs. Gu pregnant?”

“This is a double blessing. Master Gu, congratulations!”

Throughout a roar of congratulations, Gu Yusheng remained calm, smiled, and eventually half-joked, “Yeah, I got a wife and a baby overnight. You guys have to work hard to make sure my wife and baby have a good life ahead of them.”

It seemed that it was not enough for Gu Yusheng to ask for congratulations and blessings within his own company; Xiaowang was unprepared when their clients saw his marriage certificate later that afternoon at another meeting. Finally realizing himself how inappropriate it was, Gu Yusheng apologized.

“I am so sorry. My wife just got pregnant. I’m worried she might worry if I don’t text her back.”

The clients were immediately understanding and congratulated him after they heard the news.

When they finished their business, the clients asked if Gu Yusheng would like to play golf sometime. Gu Yusheng shook hands with the clients with an embarrassing look on his face, when he actually meant to show off. “Well, I’m not sure at this moment. I will probably be busy with my family since I got them both in just one night.”

Gu Yusheng seemed sincere, but Xiaowang could not help rubbing his ear when he heard what by now had become an old platitude.

He felt Gu Yusheng did not have just a happy face but also a showing-off face from getting a wife and a baby in one night.

Before four o’clock, Gu Yusheng was done with work.

He went to pick up Qin Zhi’ai at West University and took her for dinner at a restaurant he had researched during his lunch break.

It was only eight o’clock when they walked out of the restaurant. It was still early, and it was a refreshing spring night in Beijing.

After they got in the car, Qin Zhi’ai felt like driving around so she suggested it to Gu Yusheng. He agreed, rolled the windows down, and coasted at minimum speed. He drove Qin Zhi’ai around Beijing without a destination in mind.

As they drove around Xidan, Gu Yusheng remembered that Chang’an Street was just ahead at the corner. He parked by the curb, and they got out of the car and walked to Tiananmen Square.

There were still many tourists on the plaza even though it was late at night.

Gu Yusheng held Qin Zhi’ai by her hand, and they walked to a spot on the plaza, where Gu Yusheng looked at the Forbidden City gate and said, “It’s here.”

Qin Zhi’ai did not understand. She turned her head halfway and asked in confusion, “What?”

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