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 Season 8

Episode 16

(Yusheng, I Am Pregnant (2)

Gu Yusheng’s dark pupils shifted slightly twice before he fixed his gaze.

“I didn’t expect to be telling you this now, but it’s less than three months old,” Qin Zhi’ai added gently.

Less than three months?

Gu Yusheng’s brain finally regained a shred of consciousness. “You became pregnant that time I was drunk?”

“Mm,” Qin Zhi’ai lowered her eyes and replied with her face flushed.

“When did you know you were pregnant?”

Qin Zhi’ai replied honestly without thinking twice, “I missed my period one month, so I went home and tested…”

Gu Yusheng’s brows knitted together, and he curtly interrupted her, “Why did you only inform me about this now when you already knew about this when it was a month old?”

She had yet to resign from Hui Shi at that point in time! So she had decided to move abroad after she found out she was pregnant?

Gu Yusheng’s chest became increasingly tight, and his tone of voice grew fierce. “Aside from the fact that you did not inform me, you even planned to leave with my child?!”

Pouting her lips upon seeing how angry he was, she replied indignantly, “Well, didn’t you also pretend not to remember that you slept with me?”

“I…” Gu Yusheng was speechless.

I must have been crazy to come clean with her tonight!

Gu Yusheng drew in two deep breaths to calm himself down. Upon the sudden realization that he was still pressing his weight on Qin Zhi’ai and that she was two months pregnant, he quickly rolled off her and glanced at his nether regions only to find that he’d gone limp from shock.

F*ck, will it not work from now on?

Instantly, Gu Yusheng sank further into depression.

He looked up angrily at Qin Zhi’ai. His heart was boiling with rage, but there were no means for him to vent his frustrations. Finally, he could only shut his eyes. Rolling out of bed sulkily, he headed off into the bathroom.

After a long time, he finally emerged.

His expression was not a good one. Heading to the changing room, he grabbed a set of pajamas and threw them to Qin Zhi’ai before digging out his cell phone to call Dr. Xia.

After talking to Dr. Xia, he then realized that Dr. Xia was not a professional obstetrician. Although Gu Yusheng had not been inside of her as deeply as he could have been, he still went in. Unsure of whether or not this could affect the fetus, he called Lu Bancheng.

Lu Bancheng’s phone rang for a long time, enraging Gu Yusheng. When he finally answered, Gu Yusheng vented his rage.

“Is your cell phone just for show? Why the hell did you take so long to pick up the call? What…”

After ranting at length, Gu Yusheng’s mood slightly improved, and he finally gave the instruction he’d called about in the first place.

“Arrange for the best obstetrician to come by my house ASAP.”

“Oh…” Lu Bancheng dragged out his response.

Gu Yusheng grumbled in his mind. Oh your ass…

Lu Bancheng finished. “No wonder you sounded so pissed. So it seems that YOUR NEEDS ARE NOT SATISFIED!”

Gu Yusheng’s mood had only just improved slightly but, upon being hit in his Achilles’ heel, he became sour again instantaneously.

Qin Zhi’ai had been standing next to Gu Yusheng when he was making the call. As the bedroom was quiet at night, she could clearly hear Lu Bancheng’s words, and she could not help but burst out into giggles.

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