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 Season 8

Episode 15

(Yusheng, I Am Pregnant (1)

She had been pregnant for just over two months.

The gynecologist had warned her that the first three months was the riskiest period of time during pregnancy and, after the scare she’d had, asked her to not have sex until her next prenatal checkup.

Qin Zhi’ai’s head suddenly became very clear. Her hand holding Gu Yusheng suddenly pushed on his chest. “Yusheng, we can’t…”

Her voice was so low that Gu Yusheng thought she was whispering to him. He thought she was playing.

He rubbed his lips against her skin, arousing her to the point that she trembled. His laugh was low and sexy, and he moved his body even closer to hers, asking, “What can’t we do?”

He pressed more forcefully on her, but to Qin Zhi’ai it became tortuous. She pushed Gu Yusheng off her hard, something Gu Yusheng had not expected at all.

“Yusheng, listen.”

“Huh?” Gu Yusheng murmured. He then pressed his lips on her ear lobe, whispering, “We can talk after sex.”

Reaching his hands to cup her breasts, Qin Zhi’ai worriedly said, “Gu Yusheng!”

Gu Yusheng, still playing, casually asked, “What?” He turned his body to get on top of her again.

Qin Zhi’ai knew what was going to happen next, so she instantly sat up and pushed hard on Gu Yusheng’s shoulders. She then quickly pushed him down onto the bed, straddled him, and looked down at him.

“Yusheng, I have something important to tell you.”

Nothing could be more important than what we were just doing…

Gu Yusheng pressed his lips on her body again and moved his hands along her body.

Qin Zhi’ai was immediately aroused and her breath became irregular. She gripped hard on his shoulders, while saying, “Stop it. Please listen to me. We cannot have sex right now.”

“Okay, I got it.” Gu Yusheng tried to brush it off. He held Qin Zhi’ai by her waist and laid her on the bed. He pressed his body on her and, as he was about to reach down, Qin Zhi’ai underneath him said worriedly, “Yusheng, I am pregnant.”

Gu Yusheng carelessly responded with an “okay” and continued to arouse her.

He tried to press his body tighter to hers as he kissed her collarbone.

They seemed to be in unison, but he suddenly got quiet. He looked at Qin Zhi’ai and asked, “What did you say?”

“I am pregnant.” Her breaths became irregular from his touches while her face had flushes. She had spoken in a low voice, but Gu Yusheng had clearly heard what she had said.

The air in the bedroom stopped moving and could not be budged.

Gu Yusheng stared at Qin Zhi’ai for a long time without any response.

Qin Zhi’ai thought she had spoken too softly and he hadn’t heard her, so she said again, “I am serious. I am pregnant.”

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