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 👩🍳His Personal

🍳(Too stubborn hearted to love)🍳
🍳Episode 49🍳

Hollin's POV🍣

’You're a big idiot'..Jasmine muttered as she stepped on my toes..

‘Owww what was that for??'..i groaned loudly dropping my glass on the table...

‘That was for letting Giselle go away like that you idiot'..She replied and when i gazed around i realized that she was right..

‘Fine she left what do you want me to do??'..i asked and she rolled her eyes..

‘I want you to stop acting like a coward Hollin!!! I've seen the way you look at her and it's clear that you love her'..She said and i frowned..

‘Hol'up!! Is this why you and Gabriel came here?? To play cupid??!'..i asked with my temper rising and seeing the nervous look on her face i knew that i was right...

‘Okay fine you're right'..she muttered.

‘Jeez i can't believe this!!! I mean you both left your businesses to intrude in my life?? What is wrong with you people I can't even believe this!!!'..i yelled..

‘Well we only did it cause we were worried about you nothing else.Adam called saying you won't take your calls,fax,text nothing!? So what do expect us to do?? Hollin it's clear you're scared and i get it'...She said resting her hands on my shoulder...

‘I'm not scared Jasmine,I'm just tired of Gabriel trying to control everything...He was always the lucky charmer and i always felt like the seconded one,i liked you first and he knew but now look you're both married!! He always makes the mistakes but he still gets the better things,I'm Mr Perfect but yet i still feel like I'm living in his shadow'..I replied looking at brother who was playing with his son...

He was always the lucky one..

‘Maybe you should rethink your logic Hollin,Gabriel isn't the one at fault you are—Life isn't perfect,you aren't perfect and when you think yourself as perfect you end up making very bad decisions'...She advised and i sighed deeply...

Maybe she's right...

My quest to perfection has made me make some wrong choices...

One that would ruin me forever if i don't correct it..

‘I gotta go now!!'..i said aloud as i grabbed my keys..

‘Where are you going??'..she asked...

‘To get Gigi'..i replied....

‘Why??'..She asked..

‘Cause I f**king love her!!'..

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