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 👩🍳His Personal

🍳(Too stubborn hearted to love)🍳
🍳Episode 46🍳

Hollin's POV cont'd🍣

‘Is that the way to greet your sister in law??'...Jasmine asked holding out her arms and I smiled as i hugged her pressing my lips to her cheeks...

‘Hey Jas,you're looking good by the way'...I murmured throwing a haughty glare at Gabriel who winked at me...


He couldn't even call to say he was coming over...

I'm pretty rattled by a surprise like this??...

‘Grumpy Daddy said you had a girlfriend'..Mandy said as she tugged my shirt..

‘A girlfriend?? It's you Mandy or have you forgotten so quickly??'..i teased and crouched down for her to give me a little kiss...

Even though I'm pretty shocked I'm still happy to see them...

Maybe with my family here i can get over this depression of mine...

‘Uhhh Hollin can i speak to you outside for a minute??'..Gabriel asked..

‘Great i was just about to say the same thing and i hope you have a well planned explanation'..i replied and we both walked towards the terrace...

minutes later🍣
‘What the hell are you really doing here Gabriel cause I know this isn't a family vacation!!'..i asked as soon as Jasmine and the kids were out of sight...

‘Ohhh you're asking me questions now??Hollin we've been worried about you,you don't answer your calls,text,video chats and even fax and it's a f**king month!!'..He replied and i rolled my eyes..

‘So you had come all the way over here because of a goddamn fax machine?!'..I scoffed..

‘No!! I'm here because i want to bring my brother back from his reverie!! You look like a mess Hollin and it's taking a toll on you!! When last did you even shave God!! You look like a mess and more or so your company is dwindling!!'..He yelled..

‘Dwindling?? That's not even possible!!'..

‘Yes it is cause that's what's happening,you clearly don't know but i do cause i manage your accounts!! Look Hollin you're clearly in love with that Giselle girl and ever since she left it's taken a toll on you!'..He said..

’That's not true'..i disagreed under my breath and he smiled...

‘You love her Hollin'..

‘No I don't'..

‘yes you do'..

‘No i don't for havens sake leave me alone I'm not a kid anymore!!!'...



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