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🍳(Too stubborn hearted to love)🍳
🍳Episode 40🍳

Hollin's POV🍣

‘What is wrong with you?? One minute you're all smiling and now you're calling me a monster?!!'..I yelled and she scoffed loudly throwing pillows at me..

‘I!!..made!!..a!!..terrible!!..mistake!!..sleeping!!...with!!!!'..She screamed emphasizing every song with each pillow thrown at me...

‘Giselle what's wrong with you?!! Get a hold of yourself!!'..i screamed holding her hands together and she fought hard to loosen my grip...

‘I made a mistake Hollin!!! I made a terrible mistake by getting myself associated with you!!! What did you say outside huh??? That I'm not your league isn't that right?!! I'm not your league and you could never date me!!! If I'm not your league then why?? Why??'..She cried out...

She heard my conversation??..

‘Giselle why are you getting so worked up all of a sudden??I didn't promise you the heaven and earth did i?? We just add s*x!!'..i yelled and the pain I saw in her eyes made me regret the harsh words..


‘Nah it's okay!? I'm the stupid one here,stay in your room with someone of your league I'll go to another room'..She said and grabbed her pillow walking away..

Why is she getting so worked up??...

Jeez what did i just say to her??...

Adam's POV🍣

‘Who is it??'...i asked in a yawn as i heard a knock on my door...

‘Adam it's me Gigi'..I heard Giselle's voice and walked towards the door as soon as I heard her hoarse voice...

‘Gigi I....Jeez what happened??'..i asked and she bursted into tears..

‘It's a very long story Adam but your friend is a bastard and I would never talk to him ever again...can I please bunk here for the night?? I'll sleep on the ground'..She replied..

‘Nah you can take the bed I'll go to Hollin's room'..I murmured.

‘Thanks'..She whimpered sniffing a little and went into the room..

What the hell did Hollin say to her??..



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