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 👩🍳His Personal

🍳(In Miami with my cook)🍳
🍳Episode 38🍳

Hollin's POV🍣

Wait they know each other??..

Giselle knows this blockhead bimbo??..

‘Well I'm here on business purposes Lisa and the last time i checked Dad said you were in Puerto rico doing business??'..Giselle exclaimed clearly looking flushed..


Does this mean that they're both sisters??..

Oh this can't be happening..

‘Come on sis you should know I'm all fun and you're no play but who cares anyway,hi Hollin what brings you to the club??'..Lisa replied with a smile on her face and I rolled my eyes...

I couldn't think of a single excuse but only to drag Giselle by the waist..

‘I'm here with my girlfriend'..I murmured...

‘Your what??'..Giselle whispered..

‘Shut up and go with the flow'..I replied in a whisper enjoying the shocked expression on Lisa's face...

I mean how come these two are both sisters...

Giselle is all beauty and brains..

Lisa is all make up and no brains..

So how the hell did they both come out from the Same womb??..

‘Girlfriend?? You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend the last time we were on the beach??'..She asked..

‘Well you didn't ask Lisa and besides I don't want to make your dear sister suspicious'..I replied stealing a kiss from Giselle who was too shocked to speak..

‘Hmmm okay talk later,good to see you sis'..she muttered angrily and walked away with her fake silicone a*s...

I dragged Giselle outside before her sister came back..

‘What are you??..

‘Taking you back to the motel'...I cut in and started the car..

Giselle's POV🍣

Hollin and i got to the motel and I pursed my lips as he slammed the car door as we both walked inside..

Lisa said something about a beach??..

I know my step sister to be promiscuous does it mean that they both slept with each other at the beach??..

Gosh what is even wrong with me??..

Why do I feel this way about him??..

Ever since Lisa became a part of my family i became her shadow...

Born on the same day but different mothers Lisa has always been the cool girl every boy in highschool wanted to go out with while I was just the queen of dorks..

Boys only made friends with me for my cooking abilities and judging from how they treated my sister i was okay in my place...

Now she's an adult like me and spent dad's life savings on a botox surgery which left my family bankrupt...

‘You didn't tell me you had a sister'..Hollin muttered as he locked the door..

‘You didn't ask,why did you lie about me being your girlfriend??'...I replied wishing i was really his girlfriend which isn't possible...

‘Your sister is dumb no offense and lying about you being my girlfriend was just a very good escape plan from her'...He replied and i gulped hard as he walked over to where I was...

‘B..but she's pretty isn't she and she's got a great shape so what else??'..I asked further...

‘I love my women natural with no filter and with intelligence too..somebody like you Giselle'..He said and i gulped hard again..

‘Me..Me?? H..hollin what are you doing??'..i asked as he wrapped his arms around my waist..

‘Something i should have done a long time ago'..



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