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 👩🍳His Personal

🍳(In Miami with my cook)🍳
🍳Episode 36 🍳

Giselle's POV cont'd🍣

I've always loved him!!..

I don't know if it's from the day I heard his sexy voice screaming in the restaurant or the night I met him in the club but i just know that I've always loved him..

In as much as i hate to admit it I've always loved him..

I've always loved his raunchy attitude..

I've always loved his sarcasm..

His little sexy smirks..

I love when he talks about how stupid and clumsy i am and that i can't do anything right..

I love the feelings of his hands on my body...

His lips on mine..

His eyes lingering down on me..

No man has ever made me feel like the way Hollin Alivo does...

And I think I'm into him way more than i should be..

Just that minute my phone rang and when i checked the caller it was Marcus..

📱:Hey'..I murmured in a distressed tone..

📲:Hey Gigi,missed you,how's Miami??'..He replied..

📱:Terrible'..i murmured again..

📲:Terrible?? There's no way Miami can be terrible Gigi'..He blabbed..

📱:No I didn't say it was terrible,Miami is great I'm just the one who feels terrible'..i replied backing my tears..

📱:Really?? How come?? That sexy boss of yours still giving you trouble??'...He asked..

📲:Well if you put it that way I'm not so sure..He's been pretty nice to me lately and..and I've been the clumsy one..I burnt the house down and made him loose a lot of money,he paid for my hospital bills and now from the looks of it i think I..I'm..I'm in love with him'..I finally said and as the burn of my heart release so did my tears...

📲:You're in love with him?? Gigi that's great you should tell him!!'..

📱:No!!Hell no Marcus what should i say...hey boss I'm in love with you?? I can't tell him i love him he doesn't even....'..My voice trailed off as soon as the door opened...

Oh God..



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