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 👩🍳His Personal

🍳(In Miami with my cook)🍳
🍳Episode 35 🍳

Giselle's POV🍣

My hands linked around Hollin's arm thus bringing him closer and we both kissed each other senselessly..

His hands hovered around my waist and it sent a tingling sensation down my spine...

Like I'm kissing the same guy i claim to hate with passion??..

Lord help me..

‘Uhmmm I think you both should do that at home'..i heard and jerked away only to see the doctor..

‘Ohhh hi doc??'..I murmured as my cheeks went colored with embarrassment...

‘Hi Giselle,well you're fit to go as all your tests come out positive'..He said..

‘Are you sure??'..Hollin asked and the doctor nodded...

‘I'll wait for you outside'..He said and followed the doctor and suddenly a lump formed in my throat...

What did that kiss mean??..

And why did he kiss me again for the second time only —Better..

I changed into a fresh T-Shirt and running shorts looking ridiculously tall and walked outside..

‘Hmmm for someone so thin you look tall'..Hollin muttered and I shot a glare at him..

‘I am not thin and I am certainly not tall!!'..I protested..

‘yeah sure let's go chef'..he uttered and walked outside and hanging onto his sarcasm I followed him..

Hollin's POV🍣


Oh come on Hollin you could have come up with something much more sensible than that to say she's absolutely stunning...

I've never seen a girl looking do disheveled and pretty at the same time wearing a big t shirt and running shorts..

Ohh I forgot that Giselle isn't a normal person..

She's optimistic..





A great cook and dammit I'm beginning to like her every passing minute which i shouldn't..

The moment I knew she was inside the fire all i wanted to do was let go of everything I had and save her...

‘Where are we going??'..she asked..

‘To a motel,you burnt the house remember?? Now I have a lawsuit in my hands'..I replied and her face went sullen..

‘I'm sorry'..she murmured..

’It's no biggie Gigi,you just need to rest and take your pain meds'..i replied and seeing her lips pout arose another urge to kiss her again...

What is this chef doing to me??..

I just don't know and i sure as hell do not like it..

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