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 👩🍳His Personal

🍳(In Miami with my cook)🍳
🍳Episode 34🍳

Giselle's POV cont'd🍣

An Hour Later🍣
‘Guys chill I'm fine am I not??'..i said irritably with my head aching real bad..

‘Chill?? Giselle you were almost maimed by that fire!! Who would I have taunted if you had gone??'..Adam asked and i smiled..

‘You're so cheesy Adam,I wouldn't have died in anyway!! Besides God would send me back if I landed in heaven'..I teased and he chuckled lightly kissing my forehead..

With the few weeks I've known him he's the best person I've ever come across..

Always one to pull the jokes and the pranks which keeps everyone going..

Sometimes I wished he wasn't a married man..

‘We have to salvage everything we can from the fire guys,I'm just happy no equipment was in the house'...Hollin muttered as he walked into the room..

‘Uhhh Hollin??'..


‘The computer with all the footage has been burnt'..Adam replied and he flinched...

‘What?!! So what you're trying to say is that all the time and money wasted on the damn show is a waste?!!'..He screamed and Adam's head went hanging low..

‘I'm sorry Adam we didn't know this would happen'..He murmured..

‘Well no one knew it would happen!! Isn't there a backup drive or something?!!'..Hollin yelled and Adam's head sprang up immediately..

‘Jeez Hollin I can't believe you fell for it!! I'm just playing with you man!!'..He said and everyone bursted into laughter including me..

Oh thank goodness..

I don't know how I would have to tell Hollin that he lost everything because of my carelessness..

‘Hahaha very funny guys but you all have to leave cause Gigi needs to rest'..He said and i pursed my lips silently loving the way Gigi sounds in his mouth..

‘You know you didn't really have to send them away I'm fine'..I muttered under my breath suddenly tensed as he sat next to me on the bed with his eyes peering into mine..

‘And watch them taunt and disturb you to death?? No way lady.Your meals are important'..He replied..

‘Yeah kinda but you still...' voice trailed off as I felt a cramp in my leg..

‘What's the problem??'..He asked...

‘ leg..I..I feel a..'..I panted heavily cringing at the pain..

‘A cramp?? Here let me help'..He offered and his fingers worked it's way up to my knee easing another pain which i didn't even notice before...

‘Mmmmh that feels good'..I purred and he smirked lightly..

The cramp was soon released and I relaxed my back back on the bed...

‘Feel better??'..He asked..

‘Yeah i do thank you'..I replied in a whisper and he nodded..

‘Can i ask you a question Hollin??'..I added..

‘Yeah as long as it isn't—

‘Why did you kiss me earlier?? You could have just told me to shut up??'..I cut in and he froze for a second..

‘Well cause I wanted to'..he finally said..

‘Why??'..I asked again..

‘Do you really want to know??'..He retorted and as soon as I nodded his mouth went down to mine again...

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