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 👩🍳His Personal

🍳(In Miami with my cook)🍳
🍳Episode 37🍳

Giselle's POV🍣

‘''re back??'..i stuttered as soon as i dropped my phone to the ground..

‘Yeah i forgot my credit card'..Hollin replied arching his brows which showed that he didn't hear my conversation with Marcus...

Oh thank goodness...

‘Ohh..ohh good then'..i said tucking my hair behind my ears and he frowned..

‘Gigi is there something I should know about??'..He asked..

‘Anything?? No there's nothing wrong only that I'm just bored here that's all,i really want to to come with you'..i lied..

‘Come with me then,i would be bored if you aren't there with me anyway'...He said in a free manner that I almost jolted..

‘Really?? I can come with you?? Wait I need to change cause i look like an idiot'..

‘A beautiful idiot'..



‘Ohh okay I'll go change'..

Twenty minutes later🍣
We walked into the club and I my face lit up as soon as my favorite song ‘Taki taki' was played by the Dj..

‘You look like you're gonna dance'..Hollin said aloud from behind me..

‘It's my favorite song so why shouldn't I??'..I replied..

‘Taki taki?? That song is for strippers'..He commented in a dry tone and i frowned...

‘No way!! It just awakens the twerking spirit in ladies'...

‘Wait you can twerk??'..He asked...

‘Yeah I can why would you think I...'..My voice trailed off as soon as I saw that wicked glint in his eyes.. 

Oh no please..

‘Why don't you show your moves on the dance floor??'..He asked..

‘Nah I'll pass and besides I'm not in the —

‘Hollin!!!'..A squeaky voice interrupted and when i turned around I gasped loudly..

‘Lisa?? Lisa what are you doing here??'..I asked my step sister obviously shocked..

‘Gigi??? I should be asking you that question what are you doing here??'..She replied and darted a sultry glance towards Hollin...

Wait they know each other??..

This is not happening...

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