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 Season 2

Episode 48

(A new broom swept clean)

"What's your plan?" Rachel asked after hesitating for a while. Charles had been so hard on her. She also planned to stir up troubles for him and Autumn.     

"What if... my sister has an affair with someone else? Would Charles still be nice to her?" Yvonne made an obscure statement, but Rachel immediately understood her point.     

Rachel gave a scornful smile and asked Yvonne, "Why do you want to collaborate with me? Stop saying that it's because you are not getting along with your sister. I don't believe in all that hocus-pocus."   

 Yvonne smiled and stated, "Well, actually I feel the same way about Charles as you do. We both think we are the right one for him. Now we have a common enemy. I think we'd better cooperate with each other to defeat our common enemy first. Otherwise, we will have no chance to get close to him." 

 After a short pause, Yvonne continued, "Of course, we will be opponents once we defeat our common enemy. What do you think of that?"    

"Well, I hope that we can be happy working together," Rachel smiled and raised the wine glass in her hand.     

The next day, it was Autumn's first day as the General Manager. She woke up early to clean herself up and to put on make up on her face. She took the subway to the company after having breakfast. 

When she arrived at the entrance, Isla hooted at her. Isla said with a frown, "Hey, sister, you are the General Manager now. You can't always take the subway, huh?"    

Autumn smiled and explained, "I need to save up money for my Grandma's medical fee. I won't buy a car until she is fully recovered."  

"He... He didn't come home last night," Autumn answered with a frown. She had called Charles many times the night before, but he didn't answer. She had to go to bed alone. When she woke up this morning, he still hadn't come back. She called him again, but there was still no answer.     

"He didn't come back last night?" Isla cast Autumn a surprised glance and asked, "Aren't you worried about him?" 

   "Of course I am. I called him so many times but he didn't answer." Autumn frowned as she spoke, "We've been married for a long time now, but this is the first time he has spent the night outside. I'm so worried about him."   

 "You should keep an eye on him. Countless women are interested in your husband. You should always be careful." 

After hearing Isla's words, Rachel's face crossed Autumn's mind. To be honest, Rachel was the most threatening lady to Autumn.   

On the one side, Rachel had dated Charles for a long time and he had loved her; on the other side, she was also a well-known celebrity who was crazy about him.     

Autumn was very worried, but she pretended to be calm and said to Isla, "Come on, Isla. I trust Charles!"    

"Fine! Charles is the best husband in the world," Isla answered in resignation. They took the lift to the company. When they got out, all the employees headed by Ryan were waiting for Autumn. Autumn couldn't help but giggle when she saw Paula in cleaner's uniform.    

 "Manager Ye, I've done what you've asked me to do. Your office is ready and the documents you've asked for are on your desk. What else can I do for you?" 

Ryan said to Autumn as he showed her the new office.   

"Tell everyone that we are going to have a conference in the meeting room in half an hour," Autumn demanded seriously. 

  Autumn had a totally different attitude as she had come back to Cloud Advertising Company again. Although she had taken the initiative to leave the company before, she had no other choice at that time. But now she could raise her head high with dignity.     

She gave a satisfied smile as she stood in front of the French window and looked down the street.     

Ryan assembled all the employees. After everyone gathered in the meeting room, Ryan knocked at Autumn's office door and said, "Ye, everyone is waiting for you in the meeting room."    

"Okay. I'm coming." Actually, Autumn had nothing important to announce. There is an old saying, "A new broom sweeps clean." Autumn was the same.   

There was a big management shuffle in Cloud Advertising Company. Autumn had been working in the company for a long time and had known everyone's capabilities. She promoted some capable employees and fired some incompetent ones.     

As a result, the company was short on staff now. Autumn looked around and stated in a serious manner, "Everyone, good morning. We've been colleagues before, so I won't waste time introducing myself. I'm a strict person and I will be strict with you as well. I have only one request for you and it's simple. You must complete the tasks I give to you on time."    

After a short pause, she continued, "I know how the company has operated in the past, but I'm the new boss now. If you want to stay in the company, you must do your best. I know all of you very well. I know that some of you are diligent, while some are lazy. From now on, if you work hard, you will receive a handsome annual bonus. But if you still intend to muddle along, you'll be sorry."  

"Ye, don't worry. We will work hard for sure." Most of the employees had worked with Autumn before and knew her quite well.     

Once they had to work overtime every day for an important project. Ryan promised to give them bonuses, but he went back on his word later. Autumn gave up her own bonus to split with the rest of the employees. These people were glad to know that Autumn became the new boss.    

 "Ryan, I need a favor from you," Autumn smiled as she spoke to Ryan.     

"Please tell me." Ryan said.     

"I have fired a batch of incompetent employees. Now we are short on staff. Please help me recruit more people." Although Ryan was the vice-manager of the company, Autumn wasn't going to give him any real power.   

"... Sure, " Ryan answered. 

Autumn assigned Isla to be in charge of the Business Department. She believed that Isla had the competence to do it. 

Isla proved that Autumn was right. In the afternoon, Isla told Autumn that one of her previous clients wanted to have a meeting with her. 

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