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Season 2

Episode 74


When Charles mentioned his wife, Aron recalled what she said to him. Aron then fought the urge to push Becky away and spoke to her in a soft tone, "It's okay. I need to talk with him for a while. You can have some food there. I'll catch up with you in a bit."

"Sure. No problem." This was the first time that Aron spoke to Becky in such a polite manner. She was thrilled and wondered whether this was Aron's way of accepting her now.

Becky tugged on Aron's sleeve and said in a cheerful voice, "I'll wait for you right over there."

"Okay." Aron nodded in acknowledgement. After Becky left, Aron spoke to Charles, "I went back to the hall after talking to Mrs. Lu. I think it's been about fifteen minutes. What happened?"
"Fifteen minutes..." Charles realized that something bad must have happened with Autumn. Rachel's vicious eyes came before his sight. His intuition was leading him to believe that Rachel had something to do with Autumn going missing so abruptly.

Aron could tell from Charles' concerned and stressed look that something was wrong. "Mr. Lu, let's hurry up in our efforts to find her." Aron suggested with a frown.

Autumn had made her first public appearance as Charles' wife today, so needless to say countless of eyes were fixed on her. Several people, who had seen Yvonne take Autumn away, helped Aron and Charles with the way. They went upstairs following the direction.

Aron immediately asked the hotel manager to send him the surveillance video. It was indeed Yvonne who took Autumn away.

Upon seeing the surveillance video Aron let out a murderous look. However, Charles was so worried about Autumn that he didn't notice it.

"They are here." Through the surveillance video they saw that Yvonne took Autumn to Room 1805. "Here's the room card."

Aron said with a worried look as he handed Charles the room card.

Charles took the card and was about to insert it in the slot when the door opened from the inside and Yvonne appeared.

Aron responded very quickly and pinned Yvonne against the wall. Charles broke into the room and was shocked at what he witnessed. A man was taking off his clothes while Autumn lay unconscious on the bed.

"Who are you?" The man yelled as he was startled by the men. He immediately wrapped his body with a towel.

"Babe, babe..." Charles ignored the man and held Autumn in his arms while calling her repeatedly to snap her out of her slumber. He trembled with fear. He knew if he hadn't reached the room in time, Autumn would have been raped.

Autumn was in a drug induced coma and was unable to hear Charles calling her. Yvonne's face paled with shock at the appearance of Charles. The reason why she readily collaborated with Rachel was that she intended to make Rachel the scapegoat. But it never occurred to her that Charles would find out about the entire plan before Autumn was raped.

More importantly, she was caught red handed and there was no way she could escape.

Yvonne was facing the wall and had no idea about who had pinned her against the wall. She struggled hard as her movement was restricted. She yelled out helplessly, "Release me you scoundrel!"

"Yvonne Gu, I haven't seen you for more than ten years. Yet you have remained as annoying as you were!" Aron sneered and continued, "My dear sister, I have never dreamed of seeing you again under such circumstances."

"You... Who are you?" Yvonne panicked. This unidentified man had called her name in front of Charles. What if Charles now surely found out her true identity?

This man must be one of her acquaintances. Yvonne pondered harder but failed to recognize him from his voice alone.

"What? You still can't remember?" Aron gave a scornful smile and prompted, "Your mother seduced a man and gave birth to an ungrateful daughter like you. You forced me to leave the Gu family and also leave the country. I guess you never even considered the possibility of me coming back to Y City, huh? Over ten years have passed but you still are as hateful as you have ever been. Shame on you!"

"You... are you Aron Gu?" Yvonne finally realized who he was. They hadn't seen each other for more than a decade. She had long forgotten about her step-brother who shared her father but had a different mother. It never occurred to her that he would come back to Y City.

"I clearly remember you went abroad. After all these years, why did you come back?" While giving birth to Yvonne, Wendy had a severe hemorrhage. The doctor said that owing to this complication she would be unable to get pregnant again. However, Simon had a son with his ex-wife.

If Simon left all his family properties to his son, Wendy would be working hard for nothing. Therefore, she took great pains to push Aron out of the Gu family. Aron had even ended his ties with Simon.

After all these years, Yvonne and Wendy had long forgotten Aron. They only knew that Aron lived with his grandparents after being turned out of the Gu family and had emigrated to a foreign country.

Yvonne didn't expect to meet Aron again let alone meet him under such circumstance.

Many friends of the Gu family in Y City didn't even know that Simon had a son.
"You finally recalled huh?" Aron snorted, "Long time no see, Yvonne Gu."

"Shut the fuck up!" Yvonne yelled hysterically, "I'm warning you, Aron Gu, let me go. Otherwise, you'll be sorry you ever got yourself back into this muddle."
Aron had been living in hell since Wendy married Simon. Wendy tortured him all the time by forcing him to cook, wash the dishes, do the laundry... He had to handle all of the household chores. Wendy had even told Simon that Aron was a thief. Even in Yvonne's eyes Aron was never a brother but merely a servant.

"Let go of me!" Yvonne yelled while struggling with all her strength.

"Mr. Gu, you can let her go." Autumn didn't wake up after several of his attempts. So Charles tied the man's hands with his tie and then walked up to Aron and Yvonne. He stared at Yvonne and questioned her in a harsh and cold tone, "What did you do to her?"

"Did you hear that? Let me go!" Yvonne shouted at Aron upon hearing Charles' command. After Aron released her, she wiggled her wrists, ran to Charles and spoke in a sweet voice, "Charles, I don't know what's wrong with my sister. I suspect that she might be drunk. I happened to see Rachel and her downstairs. Rachel told me that she had something to discuss with you, and asked me to take her to this room so that she could rest. Charles, I have nothing to do with..."

"What did you do to her?" Charles thundered with anger as he seized Yvonne's throat with his large hand. His eyes narrowed fiercely as if he was going to choke her the next second. She frantically clawed his arm as she ran out of breath.

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