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Season 2

Episode 73

(Where was Autumn)

Aron paused for a bit and asked, "Mrs. Lu, I'm wondering if... that Mr. Zhao you said is Arthur Zhao."

Autumn nodded and said yes.

Actually Doctor Arthur was the first one Aron had thought of at that time, but he had already been retired for several years. Aron asked some of his friends to get Arthur's contact information, but in vain. However, fortunately for him, Autumn had found him.

Aron was glad to hear that and relieved to have finally found Doctor Arthur's whereabouts. Not only could he cure Grandma's illness, but he could also get Isla cleansed, so why not?

"Well, then..." Autumn stepped a bit closer to Aron and said something to him. Aron frowned a little but then nodded in agreement. He said, "Okay, I'll find a way to keep Becky away for as long as I can."

Autumn couldn't feel relieved until she had settled all the matters at hand. It felt like she had finally been able to get a great burden off her chest. When she got to the house, she stood at the entrance and saw Charles standing there next to Rachel, talking. Rachel was saying something to Charles, but it seemed as if he was bored and feeling impatient.

Autumn frowned a bit and decided to save him from Rachel's misery. Two of Rachel's fans walked up to Autumn and stood in front of her. One of them said, "Mrs. Lu, would it be okay to speak with you for just a moment?"

"What would you like to talk about?" asked Autumn. As soon as she said that, she had a sudden feeling that something bad was about to happen.

"Mrs. Lu, we're very curious as to how you got Charles to fall in love with you and what kind of trickery you had used in order to succeed? By the way, we all think that Rachel is just perfect for him, not you," she added.

Autumn was infuriated by what they had said, but when she was about to give them an earful, she suddenly felt light-headed. She remembered the cup of wine she drank on the stage, and realized that, it must have been the reason for her dizziness. She didn't expect her so bold enough to frame her.
"That's right, we admire your skills, please tell us how to seduce a man like Charles, Mrs. Lu?" they insisted.

"I heard that the gown you are wearing was first chosen by Rachel, but now it's you who is wearing it, I think it would look more charming on Rachel, don't you think so?"

Autumn was still feeling dizzy, and she couldn't hear what they were saying clearly. She just watched Yvonne come up to her and ask those fans, "What do you want?"

"Who the hell are you? Are you with her?" The fans sneered.

Normally, Yvonne would not help her. Autumn's misery would bring her happiness.

But, unexpectedly she helped Autumn stand up to those fans and said, "My sister is very close to her husband, there is nothing you can say or do that will affect the strong bond between them.

I know you, you're Rachel's fans, right? We're her guests here and we've come to cerebrate your idol's birthday. Whose image do you think would be harmed if your rude behavior was exposed to the media?"

They didn't dare to say anything else in return, after they heard that. They were just picking on Autumn on behalf of Rachel. They thought about what Yvonne had said, and scuttled away quietly, afraid of causing their idol to lose face in public.

Yvonne helped Autumn walk away, and she asked her if she was feeling okay, in a pretentious manner.

Autumn was feeling weak and dizzy. She asked Yvonne, "Where are you taking me?" She felt so frail that she could not speak out for help.

"You'll know soon, sister." Yvonne smirked maliciously. A few people went over to them to see if they needed any help, but Yvonne smiled at them and said, "We're good, thank you. My sister is a little drunk, and I'm just taking her to get some rest."

Charles thought it was a bit strange that he saw Autumn around him just a few moments ago, but then she had disappeared out of thin air. He wanted to look for her, but Rachel kept pestering him, "Charles, I think we can still be friends even though we have grown apart, can't we? I hadn't received any offers since you ordered them to ban me, did you really have to do that? Do you really hate me that much?"

Charles said quietly, "I gave you another chance, but you ruined it. Yes, we have been together for many years, but look at what you did. To be frank, I would have been okay with you as long as you didn't go too far. I have given you many chances and I have paved the road to your popularity in the entertainment circle, if you were willing to seize those opportunities you could have had a better life. But you took those opportunities for granted, so in the end, it was all your fault, am I right?"

"Oh, no, it wasn't like that. Will you forgive me? Please!" Rachel looked at Charles pitifully and said, "Don't you know that I love you? I just want to be with you and only you. I don't care about your money or the fame anymore, all I want is you. I promise I won't be temperamental any more, just come back to me baby, okay?"

She presumed that Charles was just pretending to be mad at her, so she kept nagging him to come back, but when she saw his eyes and the way he looked at her, she suddenly realized that she was already lost on him. And she was certain that he had married Autumn, not in a fit of pique, but because he had fallen in love with her.

Yet she refused to give up on her quest to win him back. She thought of how Charles would be hers again in the end, after what was going to happen to Autumn very soon.

Charles was bored and tired of being clamoured by Rachel, so he firmly said to her, "I can guarantee you that you will still be that popular Miss Bai in the entertainment circle, if you promise to leave me alone. Otherwise I'll see to it so that you won't even find any seats in the circle, let alone fame. The choice is yours."

"Are you serious? Come on, do you really need to be so unsympathetic towards me?" She looked at him with a devastated expression and asked unwillingly.

Charles was tired of speaking with her, so he kept quiet. But that angered Rachel even more.

She coldly said, "All right, Charles, if you insist on this, you'll end up regretting it."

Even if she couldn't get Charles back, she would certainly try to ruin Autumn and his happiness, as her last chance for retribution.

She wasn't willing to peacefully let go of something she couldn't have.

Charles didn't want to continue talking to her and so turned to look for Autumn. He remembered he saw Aron around there somewhere but Autumn was still nowhere to be seen. This caused him to panic a little bit.

He got rid of Rachel and walked towards Aron. He asked him if he knew where Autumn was. Becky noticed Charles pulling her husband's arms and she said, "Who the hell do you think you are? Your wife is the one who is missing, does that have anything to do with my husband?"

She pushed Charles's hand away from Aron and asked, "What's the matter with him? Why did he come to ask you about his wife?"

She was obviously not happy with charles.


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