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Season 2

Episode 65

(Long time no see)

As Charles fixed his eyes on Autumn, she stroked her hair gently. She stammered as her cheeks flushed to pink, "Umm... isn't it looking good on me?"

"Yes, you look simply stunning!" In Charles's eyes Autumn was pretty. But he had never imagined that she would be transformed into such an enthralling beauty after getting dressed up. Autumn always went out with a natural look. She never applied any make-up or even wore jewelry. After she put on this magnificent dress she looked totally different.

"This dress please. Get it wrapped up!" She was his wife so he wanted to give her nothing less than the best.

"Okay sir!" The shopping assistant stood aside as she was struck by Autumn's understated beauty. After briefly comparing Autumn with Rachel they finally understood why Charles had chosen Autumn. Rachel was pretty but she lacked demure and elegance which Autumn possessed.

The shopping assistants present were beyond overjoyed when Charles decided to buy the dress without even asking for the price. In that way they could reward themselves a handsome bonus this month.

"Lily, where is the robe that I asked you to keep aside for me?" Rachel's voice reached their ears from outside the fitting room. At this time, Charles had left to pay for the dress. After recognizing her voice, the shopping assistant frowned and said to Autumn with an awkward look, "Mrs. Lu, how about you go inside to change into your clothes?

Till then I can get your new dress wrapped up."

Autumn politely responded, "Okay." Her pace was slowed down by half because of the full-skirted dress. Before Autumn entered a fitting room, Rachel walked in, with a bright smile on her face.

It seemed that she was in a good mood.

But her smile froze immediately at the sight of the dress on someone else. At that time, she didn't recognize Autumn as she was walking with her back towards Rachel. She turned to Lily and slapped her abruptly, "You know that I never wear the clothes that others have tried on. I have been your client for a long time, how could you make a mistake like that?"

"I..." Lily almost burst into tears, as she held her face with her hand. She explained to Rachel, "Miss Bai, this robe..."

"I chose this robe yesterday and told you that I would try it on today. But now you let someone else try it on. Why did you do that? Do you think that she can afford this costly robe?" Rachel shouted at Lily contemptuously. Autumn couldn't stand Rachel putting Lily in an awkward situation, so she turned around with a frown and said to Rachel, "Miss Bai, long time no see!"

"I see." Rachel observed Autumn with disdain and continued, "It has been a long time. It really is good for you to get married to a rich man, right? You've never visited such luxury shops before, have you? So what brings you here? You must be choosing your evening dress... How much money did Charles give you to spend?"

Rachel realized that Autumn must have come to buy an evening dress for her birthday party. Once she looked at Autumn in that robe, she was shocked by her beauty. 'If Autumn comes to my party in this dress, she will become the focus of attention from everyone,' Rachel thought to herself.

"Miss Bai, you're quite funny. I think it's none of your business. I can spend my husband's money as and where I please. I'm not you who likes to spend the money of a married man." Autumn went on abruptly, "I almost forgot that Charles had cut off all your bank cards. I wonder if Miss Bai can still actually afford such a dear expense."

"Shut up right now!" With her face turning red with anger, Rachel cried out, "Do you think that I will not defend my honor and tarnish your image because you are married to Charles? Someday I will steal Charles away from you."

When she was in a relationship with Charles, he never accompanied her to go shopping. Instead, he would give her money and asked her to buy what she wanted. With that train of thought, Rachel assumed that Autumn had come here alone.

She continued with a sneer, "I advise you to leave Charles or I won't spare you."

Charles had just paid the dress. As he was striding back to his wife, he saw Rachel bullying Autumn with a contemptuous expression. He asked authoritatively, "Will you now? How are you going to give her a hard time, please do elaborate?" He proceeded with a sneer, "I am curious. What are you going to do with my wife?"

"Char... Charles..." she stammered and struggled to say his name. After realizing that Charles didn't want to see her Rachel had been dodging him all these days. She knew that Charles might get bored of her if she kept coming to meet him. Besides, she intended to adjust her condition so as to let Charles notice the change during her party.

As Charles had told her, in the past, he loved her as she was a sensible woman; she had resolved to pretend to be the one that Charles had loved all along. However, she never expected that all her planning would be washed away by an evening dress.

Rachel responded as her face turned pale, "What are you doing here?"

Charles walked up to Autumn and sternly replied, "I, of course, came here to help my wife with shopping. Is something wrong?"

"I..." Rachel was extremely jealous of Autumn but she didn't let it reflect on her face. She smiled and said to Charles, "I'm simply joking with Mrs. Lu. Are you here to buy an evening dress?"

Both of them did not respond. Charles turned to Autumn and said in a gentle voice, "Go change your clothes. I will take you to have a delicious meal."

Autumn said to Charles with a little nod, "That sounds good!" She turned around with an intention of changing out of the evening dress. At this time, Rachel grabbed Autumn by her arm and said, "Mrs. Lu, I chose this dress yesterday. Could you please give it back to me?"

"You chose this?" Autumn shook her hand off and continued, "Miss Bai, I want to give this to you, but... my husband has already paid for this. Moreover, I like this dress very much. So I must apologize as I can't give up on it."

Autumn added smilingly, "I don't have more time to waste here. There are so many pretty evening dresses here. I suggest... you lose no time picking up another one instead of having this futile argument. Perhaps you can find another one you like."

Mrs. Lu..." Rachel wasn't surprised when Autumn refused. However, she couldn't give up on that dress so easily. She gave a smile and proceeded, "As you know, my birthday is coming. Besides, I am a public figure. I can't wear a plain dress on my birthday party in front of the media. Can you please..."

Autumn turned to Charles and looked at him. Rachel hurried to say, "Mr. Lu treats you so well. As long as you agree, he won't oppose this. Am I right, Mr. Lu?"



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