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Season 2

Episode 64

(Trying on a robe)

"What's wrong?" Paula stood in front of Autumn with an ounce of care and asked her in a cold tone. Now that Paula had been transferred to the logistics department, she did her work in a perfunctory and detached manner. Paula would definitely not pin her hope and aspirations on her present job as she was merely a cleaner in the company now. Would she realize her value and potential through this job? Of course she would not.

She harbored ill thoughts and hatred not only for Autumn but also for Isla, because in her opinion, they both stood in the same position and were responsible for her current condition in the company.

"What are you going to do now? You asked me to come here but you have just been silent. What is your intention?"

Paula furrowed her eye brows impatiently while shooting her questions. She was enraged by Autumn's bad attitude towards her.

"Paula, we have been colleagues for over three years, right? And I have known you for three years already. In all those years, I have never done anything wrong to you, This has just left me confused as to why you detest me so much?" Autumn was curious about what sparked the controversy in the first place. She really wanted to know why Paula always had a strong feeling of despise and hatred towards her.

However, upon hearing this, Paula laughed slyly and replied sarcastically, "I am afraid you have misunderstood me through those years. I never said that I hate you. Who told you this?" Obviously, Paula was not going to be honest with her. She would not tell Autumn that she disliked her simply because she was envious of her and the life she was leading.

Autumn gave an all-knowing smile and decided not to waste anymore of her time dwelling upon this matter. She asked Paula to come to her cabin because she wanted to figure out what happened in the office during her leave.

"Nothing special happened here. You were off for only a few days. What could possibly happen in such a short span of time?" In fact, what Autumn specifically wanted to know was what had happened to Isla. Autumn knew that Paula would pour out all details she knew without reservation as she despised Isla very much. "Paula I mean what happened to Isla?"

"Well, that is really a good question. But I am afraid that you have to ask your bestie for more details after all she is the person concerned." Paula burst into sneer as she still couldn't help telling Autumn the whole story. "You know what? They..."

Paula exaggerated what happened in the company that day and narrated the story down to every minor detail. After hearing it all, Autumn scowled and clenched her hand into a fist.

She knew for certain that Isla was a kind girl and she would never hurt people. But Autumn was still worried about Isla at such a critical time after all Aron's grandma was seriously injured.

Autumn was still a little absent-minded when she went off work that day while Charles took her to a dress shop. He asked her to pick up a beautiful robe.

"Charles, there is no need to buy it. I don't wear such an outfit in daily life, so it is rather unnecessary to buy one as it will serve no purpose." Autumn said with a frown.

"This is not a dress for your daily life, Autumn!" Charles looked at her and said, "Do you forget what are we going do tomorrow? It is Rachel's birthday. Do you want to go there with your current boring clothes?"

"I..." Autumn was so occupied with the things that happened these days that she almost forgot that Rachel's birthday was coming. Of course Autumn did not want to lose face to her as Rachel was her rival in love earlier. At the thought of this, Autumn began to pay more attention on picking a robe for the birthday party. But she was a little bit upset because she couldn't find a desirable one after spending so much time at the store.

"What is wrong? Why do you look a little sad? You can't find a dress that you like?"

Charles took Autumn's hand and asked her gently.

"Yeah, I can't find a desirable dress for the party." All of the dresses in the store looked very beautiful and she could tell that they were expensive. Irrespective of that, she could hardly pick out a dress she was inclined towards.

It was because none of them suited her taste.

Hearing this, Charles turned back to the shopping assistant behind them and asked, "Are there any other dresses here beyond those on display?"

"Em... Yes, there are a few more." The shopping assistant nodded slightly and replied with hesitance. "But Mr. Lu I remember you said earlier that we should show Miss Bai all the latest dresses first and we sent the picture of the new robe in the second stair to her.

She said that she liked it very much and would come to try it later today, so..."

The shopping assistant didn't finish her sentence and stopped mid-sentence. She took a glance at Autumn discretely and thought to herself that though she was pretty, Miss Bai was even more beautiful than her. Obviously, the shopping assistant regarded Autumn as Charles' new sweetheart.

Instead of explaining her identity, Autumn just smiled sweetly and grabbed Charles' hand. "Charles, let's take a look at other dress shops."

Now that she couldn't find a favorable dress here the alternative was to visit other stores. It didn't mean that the more expensive the dress was, the more suitable it was for her.

"Wait a second please." Charles stopped Autumn who was about to waltz out of the door and said, "The robes in this store are the best in Y City. If you can't find a desirable one here, it will definitely be hard for you to find one somewhere else in the city!"

After finishing his sentence, he turned to the shopping assistant and said, "Fetch that robe for my wife. She would like to try it."

"What? Wife?" The shopping assistant was shocked after hearing Charles' words and she couldn't help mumbling.

Though she heard before that Charles had gotten married, this did not help his reputation get better. Charles was still trapped in rumors that he had an ex-girlfriend who was a famous star and that there were still many other women who accompanied him every day.

Therefore, it was natural that the shopping assistant would take Autumn as Charles' mistress. They would have never thought that she was his wife by law.

"Yes, she is my wife. Is there any problem with that?" Charles said indifferently, and a moment later he added, "You have to show the latest dresses for my wife first from now on, and if my wife likes it, you have to deliver it to her personally. And I can assure you, that the price will definitely be the most favorable one."

Charles was trying to tell all of them that he had broken up with Rachel and had nothing to do with her anymore. And if Rachel came here to try the dress in his name, they had no reason to listen to her.

"Yes. I will go to fetch the robe now. Please wait for a brief moment, Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu." Charles was one of the big customers of this store, so they did not care much about who he brought here with him as long as they could have his business.

Autumn was completely attracted to the next robe the shopping assistant brought.

"Mrs. Lu, the fitting room is behind. This way please." The shopping assistant was confident about this latest robe as it was designed by the famous and talented designer, Linda. It was said that she would only design two dresses annually and each dress could be auctioned off at an extremely high price.

Autumn entered the fitting room but she had a difficult time trying to tie the strap on her back, so she had to ask for help.

"Can someone please help me tie the strap please?"

A moment later, the thick curtain of the fitting room was pulled apart while Autumn felt someone's cold hands touch her bare back. It took a quite long while for the person to tie the strap. This made Autumn anxious, so she turned sideways and asked, "Are you done yet?"

"Wait for just a few more seconds. I am almost done here." She recognized Charles' voice from behind her which shocked Autumn. She did not expect that he would come to tie the strap for her, so she asked bashfully, "Why are you here?"

"Okay. It is done!" As Charles was not experienced in tying the straps, it took him quite a long time. When he led Autumn out, he couldn't help letting out a sigh of admiration.

She looked very elegant and pretty in the sapphire robe. The long robe hem spread across the red carpet and was dazzling under the bright yellow light. The waistline was perfect with a silver-white pattern outlined on the belt and there was a charm of the medieval European court on it. As her back was slender and straight, it made her look like a delicate flower. The first thing that caught his eyes was her perfect figure in this body-hugging dress. The delicate laces lined her white legs which were slender and slim. This special dress also accentuated her amazing hourglass figure.

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