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Season 2

Episode 62

(Grandma is in coma)

"Isla, that is a downright dirty accusation. Grandma has been so kind to me. Why would I want to hurt her? What's more, I am sure everyone here knows what I am doing here today. Why would I do such a thing?" Becky asked furiously.

"It is because..." Isla was at a loss for words and she did not know how to explain it. Perhaps... Would they believe her if she explained it clearly?

"What is wrong? What is going on here?" When Aron arrived, he found many people gathering around. He squeezed through the crowd and found his grandmother on the floor with a lot of blood. Aron rushed toward Joanna and held her tight, "Grandma! Wake up! Hey! Grandma, wake up! What happened to her?" Aron asked, bewildered.

"Aron..." Becky cautiously stepped towards Aron and said in a low voice, "I have called the ambulance. Grandma will be fine. Don't worry."

"What happened to her? Tell me!" Aron's eyes turned red at what he saw. His grandparents were his only family left.

And he was determined to take good care of them, but now... "Who brought her here? Who brought my grandma here?"

"It's me. I am sorry, Aron. I didn't mean to." Becky replied while lowering her head. She dared not look at Aron in the eye. "Grandma gave me a call this morning and she said that she wanted to meet my cousin, Isla. I also tried to convince her not to come here, but you know that grandma is so stubborn that I couldn't stop her. I had no choice but come with her. But I didn't expect that..."
Becky stopped a bit then continued, "I didn't expect Isla to have such a temper. And she had a fight with grandma. She pushed grandma during the fight and then..." Becky tried hard to explain.

"Aron, I..." Isla was in a panic. She was genuinely concerned about Aron's grandma and she was also worried about what Aron would think of her. She feared that Aron wouldn't understand and that he would never trust her.

"Aron, let's look into that later. We have to get grandma to the hospital now." Becky told Aron. But as she spoke those words, Becky hoped that Joanna would not wake up anymore.

Aron lifted his grandma and rushed her to the hospital without taking a glance at Isla. Becky went with him.

As soon as they left, the police arrived and took Isla away after hearing Paula's exaggerated testimony. It seemed that Isla had lost her mind and instead of defending herself, she didn't utter a single word.

Meanwhile, Joanna was rushed to surgery at the hospital. Neither Aron nor Becky told his grandfather about it, but Becky still made a call to Mandy. She was in such a daze that she didn't know whether she was doing the right thing or not. She badly needed someone with a clear perspective.

Obviously, Mandy was the best person to help her.

"What is going on, Becky? Why was Joanna sent to the hospital, all of a sudden?" Mandy rushed to the hospital after hearing the news. When he got to Becky, he asked her. "What did you do in the morning? She was still fine this morning. Tell me what happened, Becky."

"Mom..." Becky burst into tears and fell into Mandy's arms while Mandy patted her back gently to console her.

"Don't cry, Becky. I am here and I will help you handle this. What happened to her?" Mandy held Becky's hand while asking in a soft voice what happened.

"It is Isla. It is her. She pushed grandma down to the floor." Becky insisted that it was Isla who hurt Aron's grandma, but she never mentioned the details of the accident.

Aron was terribly upset at that time, and he couldn't help roaring at Becky. "That's enough. Get away from here and stop crying. My grandma is not dead yet. Why do you keep crying here?"

"Aron, mind your manners. Why are you yelling at my daughter? It is not her fault! Let's be clear about that!" Unwilling to appear weak, Mandy stood up to Becky.

"It's Isla. She did this to your grandma. Why don't you yell at her?"

"Mom, forget it." Becky pulled Mandy away. "Aron must be worried and upset about his grandma. Let's go and talk somewhere else." she said.

Becky walked to the staircase with her mother, overcome with emotions. Trembling, she took Mandy's hands and begged her, "Mom, I really need your help now. Please help me."

"Tell me the truth. Becky, what did you do? What happened this morning?" Even though Mandy didn't like Isla, she knew well that Isla would never hurt Joanna.

On the other hand, Mandy knew her own daughter's temperament and Becky must have done something wrong. She must have had something to do with Joanna's accident.

"I..." Becky mumbled, not knowing how to explain it to her mother. But Mandy was a little bit impatient and then asked her, "Why are you hesitating? Tell me what you did! How can I help you if you don't tell me the whole story."

Upon hearing this, Becky started off to say, "Mom, Aron has found out that I was never pregnant. He had been abroad for so long but he figured it out. And now even Joanna knows. I really had no idea what to do, so..."

Becky stopped. She dared not tell Mandy what she did. She took Mandy's hands and went on, "Mom, if grandma doesn't wake up anymore and I insist it was Isla who did this to her, no one would suspect a thing. And Aron would have no evidence even if he suspects that I did it. But if Joanna can make it through this time, I..."

"Focus! Don't be so flurried," said Mandy who remained calm. She was much more composed than Becky. "Joanna's operation is not yet finished and she wasn't really in good health before. I am afraid that it is hard for her to wake up. Now... Now we can't do anything but to wait and see. It's a gamble"

"How?" Becky had no idea.

"Though Aron's grandpa is old, he is the head of his family. And he loves Joanna deeply. If he gets to know that it was Isla who hurt Joanna, what do you think he is going to do?" It was impossible for Becky to change Aron's mind and perhaps he would even defend Isla because he loved her so much.

But he dared not do that if his grandpa was there.

"No. We can't do this. If grandpa finds out the truth, I will be a dead duck." Her conscience is now killing her. But she can do nothing now to fix the situation.

"Becky, calm down. Listen to me." Mandy put her hand on Becky's shoulder to calm her down. "As long as Joanna doesn't wake up, then no one would know about this. So we have to take our chances and just wait and see. Maybe we'll get lucky."
Mandy believed that her daughter had advantages over Isla, because if Isla was destined to get married to Aron, it would have already happened four years ago. Becky was finally calm with her mother beside her. "Mom, then what should we do next?" She asked.

"Next..." Mandy sneered and said, "We have to split up since we have different tasks. I will go and pick up Aron's grandfather. You stay here and keep Aron company. But don't give yourself away. Try to come up with a plan.

Perhaps Aron would be touched if he see how worried you are about his grandma."

"Ok, I got it. I know what I should do next." Becky gave a slight nod then went back to the door of the operating room.

Mandy left shortly after. Aron was there but completely ignored her. He anxiously paced around the hall near the operating room.

When the operating room lights were turned off, Becky felt her heart almost jump out from her chest. Aron rushed over to Joanna while Becky just followed behind him.

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