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Season 2

Episode 60

(The Truth)

"Exactly! What a scheming woman Ye is! Mr. Lu is so obsessed with her and even bought the company for her as a gift. If Mrs. Lu finds out about this, she would be furious."

"Isla and Ye are just two birds of the same feather when it comes to seducing and controlling men. Maybe Isla learned that from Ye."

"Enough!" Isla thundered, "Have you finished all your work? Are you free now? How about helping Paula clean the toilet?"

The gossiping crowd quickly fell silent and went back to their own seats, stealing glances at Isla's office from time to time. Paula, however, remained standing at the office door. Isla walked towards Paula and questioned her, "Why are you still here? You want to get in, huh?"

"No, no." Paula shook her head and said, "I haven't finished cleaning yet. I'm leaving now."

Bang! Isla shut the door and turned to Becky. "Becky Zhang, do you dare say it again, who was the other woman four years ago?" Isla demanded.

"Of course!" Becky sneered. Isla was the same silly girl as four years ago. "If it weren't for you, Aron and I would have fixed our wedding date. If it weren't for you, we would now be living a happy life."

Becky stared angrily at Isla and asked, "Isla, I know it is too much to expect you to wish us happiness. I beg you, stay away from us."

"You..." Becky's accusation drove Isla crazy. She took out her cell phone to call Aron and ask him to take Becky away.

She couldn't bear it anymore. As soon as she took out her phone, Becky was instantly alarmed. "What are you going to do? Are you going to call Aron?" Becky moved closer, in an attempt to snatch Isla's phone.

"Get away from me!" Isla pushed Becky away as she snorted, "What are you so nervous about? You say that I am the other woman? Fine! I'm calling Aron over.

Let's get everything straight today. Don't try to stop me. Are you afraid of being found out?"

Becky's expression amused Isla. Isla continued, "Well, we have a witness here and she should know how you managed to break me and Aron apart by saying that you miscarried for him. Did you really think your plan was perfect? You are too naive."

Becky felt dazed when Isla mentioned her miscarriage. She had long worried about her plot being uncovered, but she never expected Isla to find out and expose it.

Becky was fuming. "Isla Zhao, you are talking nonsense! You know nothing about what happened between me and Aron. It pains me a lot to think about losing my baby. Why do you rub salt into my wound? What do you want?"

Isla gave a scornful smile. She hadn't exposed the truth yet, but Becky was already on the edge of panicking. What Becky said only gave herself away.

Becky panicked even more when she looked at Isla's smile. She yelled hysterically, "Isla Zhao, are you accusing me of feigning pregnancy, huh? I'm telling you, they would not believe anything you say. You think you can bring me down? You're dreaming if you think you can win."

Isla smiled and responded calmly, "I said nothing just now. It is you who mentioned the fake pregnancy. What? Is it your guilty conscience?"

Joanna's doubts grew, looking at the way Becky reacted. It was true, Isla didn't mention anything about feigning pregnancy, but Becky spilled it all out. No wall can stop the truth. Was Becky extremely agitated because she was afraid that Isla knew about it?

"I... I'm not guilty at all. I didn't do it. Stop making up stories!" Becky grabbed Joanna's hand tightly and explained anxiously, "Grandma, don't listen to her. She made up this story to drive a wedge between you and me. I did conceive a child..."

"Becky, why are you so nervous?" Joanna had never doubted Becky's pregnancy before. However, looking at the sweat on Becky's forehead, Joanna became more suspicious. "Miss Zhao said nothing, but you just mentioned feigning pregnancy.

Becky, are you trying to hide something from me?" asked Joanna.

"No, I'm not." Becky denied it without hesitation. Her face drenched in sweat. She had kept this secret for years. She knew that if Aron and his grandparents found out, they would never ever trust her again.

"Miss Zhao, can you tell me the truth?" Joanna wanted an answer to her doubts.

"Madam, I am telling the truth. Aron and I were a happy couple four years ago.

Somehow, Becky slipped some narcotic in our drinks at my birthday party and knocked us out. Then she slept on the same bed with Aron and made me see it.

I was devastated. She begged me to leave him. I was left with no choice but to do so. I changed my phone number and haven't been in touch with him since then." Isla swallowed her bitterness and continued, "When we were together, Aron had visited all my relatives, and we planned to visit you. If you don't believe me, you can hire a private investigator."

Isla looked rather calm, making her statements more convincing. Joanna somewhat believed her.

"What about the baby? What happened to the baby?" Joanna asked, frowning, "Four years ago, Becky and I went to the hospital together. The doctor said she was pregnant."

"That's true! Grandma, I've never lied to you. You know that." Becky held Joanna's arm tightly, but the latter shook off her hand in silence. She decided not to trust either of them until she knew the whole truth.

"Last night, Aron came to me and wanted to explain what really happened. He had been with Becky for a long time, so I had no plans to talk to him. But he told me that Becky lied about the pregnancy.

That time, Aron had planned to go back to Y City, but she pretended to suffer a miscarriage to stop him and cover up the false pregnancy. This supposed tragedy made you feel guilty and sorry for her. Aron has been investigating the whole thing all these years, and he has found out the truth."

Isla looked Joanna in the eye and said sincerely, "You can ask Aron for the details."

Isla dialed Aron's number and asked him to come over immediately.

"Grandma..." Becky murmured as she was frightened. How things were going was beyond her expectation.

Joanna stared coldly at Becky. She wanted to ask Becky whether Isla was telling the truth.

"Becky... is she telling the truth?"
Joanna had treated Becky as her granddaughter-in-law for years and trusted her. If Becky denied it, she would beleive it.

Becky, however, hesitated.

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