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Season 2

Episode 59

(Kick Isla when she is down)

"Cousin, I …" Becky bit her lip, her eyes asking for Joanna's help. Joanna had been watching quietly. She mulled over, 'I will find out what kind of person Isla is.

There is no need to make an ugly scene. If she is highly cultured and reasonable, I will talk to her and solve the problem peacefully.' Isla turned out to be an arrogant woman. Joanna decided to change her strategy and get straight to the point.

She didn't expect all of this to have been plotted by Becky. Becky provoked and angered Isla on purpose so that Joanna would think the worst of her, forming a stark contrast with her virtuous and good-natured character. Becky believed that she was the better partner for Aron, compared to such an impolite and rude Isla.

"Becky, are you alright?" Joanna asked with her brows knitted as she got Becky back on her feet. Becky cast an angry look in Isla's direction and replied, "Grandmother, I am okay." When Isla heard Becky call the old woman "Grandmother", she realized who Joanna was and why Becky created this drama.

Isla thought, 'Becky did all of this intentionally so that Aron's grandmother will think badly of me.

Becky will do everything she can just like she did four years ago to push me away from Aron.'

"You are Miss Zhao, aren't you?" Joanna sneered at Isla, "I am Aron's grandmother. But I don't know if it is my place to talk to you about Aron."

"Madam, things are not as what Becky has told you. She took Aron away from…" Isla was anxious to explain. She had never forgotten Aron all these years.

Although she has not yet agreed to be Aron's girlfriend, she wanted to show the best of herself in front of his grandmother. After all, if Aron's family didn't like her, it would be a big problem for him. So Isla wanted to tell the truth about the story of their love and what a bad person Becky was.

But Becky wouldn't give Isla any chance to explain herself. She said in a low and sad voice as she held Joanna's hand, "Grandmother, let's go. There is no need to talk to her. If Aron knew we came here, he would get angry. I am sure he will think I compelled you to bother Isla."

"Don't worry!" Joanna said without reservation, "Since we are already here, let's be frank and put our cards on the table. If Aron asks about this, I will stick up for you. Miss Zhao, I agree with you.

There is no need to waste time. I am telling you now, Becky will be my granddaughter-in-law. I will never allow you to marry Aron."

Joanna gave Isla an icy smile and continued, "Over the last four years, Becky is the one who has always been with Aron and taken care of us. We have already accepted her as our granddaughter-in-law. Listen, you are good-looking and pretty. If you'd like, you can marry whomever you can lay your eyes on. Why are you so determined to get in between your cousin and Aron? Don't you feel shameful? Has no one ever taught you manners?"

"Grandmother, it's just a misunderstanding. The truth is four years ago, Becky, she…." Joanna interrupted Isla, "Stop. Please address me as 'Madam'. Don't call me grandmother. In my heart, you will never be Aron's partner." Becky had told Joanna too many bad things about her. Isla turned pale. Not only did she feel angry, she was also embarrassed.

Becky's bad mouthing her and Joanna's disdain had made her lose face. She worried that her colleagues would gossip about this.

Isla calmed herself and said through gritted teeth, "Madam, what happened in the past wasn't like what Becky told you. Aron and I already had plans to get married. He even promised to take me to visit you and his grandfather. Then … Out of nowhere, Becky came into our lives."

Joanna looked at Becky searching for a reply. Becky denied, "Grandmother, you don't believe what she is saying, do you?
They are all lies. She has twisted the truth." Becky knew that Joanna would believe whatever she said. She said shamelessly, "Grandmother, you mustn't believe her."

Joanna started to become suspicious of Becky when she heard Isla's words, but still sided with Becky. She angrily said, "Miss Zhao, you are young and pretty.

Why do you still need to be cunning? I have raised Aron since he was a kid. I am well aware of who he is. I know the way his mind works. If he really loved you, he would have brought you to us and asked our permission for your marriage. There is no need to wait that long. Moreover, Becky is the girl who has been with him all this time, not you. What do you think of me, an old fool?"

"Madam, what I said is true…" Isla was determined to turn the situation to her favor. However, Paula who was watching nearby, took the opportunity to kick Isla when she was down. "Miss Zhao, you have only been with this company for a short time, but you set a good example for us. Your ability is undisputed, or you won't have been our planning manager on your first day. But today you are wrong. There are many outstanding but available men out there. Why do you still have your eyes on your cousin's boyfriend. Aren't you ashamed?"

"You, shut up!" Isla yelled at Paula angrily. She had no one on her side.

Owing to Becky's slander, she had already gotten embarrassed and frustrated. And Paula's added insults made her furious. She couldn't fight with Joanna because she was Aron's grandmother. Since she still loved Aron, she couldn't afford to go against Joanna.

But with Paula, there was no need to restrain her anger. She questioned, "Why are you here? This is none of your damn business."

"What? Is it so unbearable for me to tell the truth?" Paula thought, 'You have three opponents here today. Ye is not here to help you. It's impossible to fight all of us and win.' Her lips twisted mockingly, "The climate in the company has changed since you and Ye started working here.

Ye knew Mr. Lu was married and yet she succeed in convincing him to buy this company for her. Now, you covet your brother-in-law. As the proverb goes, 'Birds of a feather flock together.' No doubt you two are best friends. Both of you are good at calculating and seducing men."

There was quite a lot of rumors about Autumn and Charles and the employees had become more and more suspicious.

It was hard to ignore that Charles bought Cloud Advertising Company just to give it to Autumn Ye. It somehow sparked the rumor that she was Charles' lover. There was an uproar in the crowd after Paula's remarks.

"Paula is right. Ye knew Mr. Lu is married, but she persuaded him to buy this company for her. What a manipulative bitch."

"Yeah, I agree. Ye used to be silent and kept to herself. I didn't realize she would do such a thing. Such indecency! Mr. Lu has gotten married not long ago."


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