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Season 2

Episode 58

(Becky visit)

"Isla, long time no see! I've missed you." Becky continued with a little smile, "We haven't seen each other for years. How about... we find a place? Then we can sit down and have a talk."

Becky didn't curse Isla, but instead, she showed her good manners to her as Joanna was there.

She proposed to go outside for two reasons: firstly she knew that Isla wouldn't agree; secondly...

Joanna would think that she was a sensible woman.

Having been filled in on what Becky had done to her, Isla refused Becky's proposal immediately. She replied with a sneer, "Becky, just stay here and tell me what you want to say. You and I... I did nothing dirty or wrong to you, so you can say what you want here."

Isla gave Joanna a curious glance, as she had no idea who this elder woman was. However, she had a hunch that she was an important person. She didn't know why Becky had brought her to her company.

Isla stared at Becky coldly and thought, 'This girl was my favorite cousin, a person I trusted unconditionally. But, Becky... ruined all of this.'

"Becky, just get straight to the point. I have a lot of work to deal with, so don't waste my time." Isla had thought that she could treat Becky in an emotionless manner, but she failed. She was still hurt at the thought of what had happened between them.

'We used to be intimate cousins, but now we are hostile to each other. All of this is because of Aron. It's not so bad after all. I finally got to know what kind of person she really is.'

Becky responded, looking as pathetic as she could, "Isla, when did we... become so distant? Do you remember when we..."

Isla interrupted decidedly, "I remember nothing." She only remembered that scene from four years ago. Becky knelt down with a pathetic look on her face and said that she couldn't help sleeping with Aron and begged her to leave Aron forever.

When she had been told this, she was in despair. Since that day on, she resolved to break up with Aron, and stay away from him.

Now she saw Becky with that expression again.

"Isla, then I will tell you my purpose for coming here. I came here to ask you to stay away from Aron." 'Now that Isla doesn't want to have a chit-chat, I will stop pretending to be nice. After all, it's just a show for Joanna. The more aggressive Isla acts, the weaker I look in Joanna's eyes,' she thought complacently.

"Isla, you are pretty and have a successful career. You can date any man you want. Unlike you, I have stayed with Aron and everything I have done in the past four years was for him. I felt happy for him when he was pleasant, and felt sad when he was unhappy. He is my everything. I can't live without him. Have some mercy and give Aron back to me."

Becky took two steps forward and grabbed Isla by the hand. She looked at Isla with her puppy dog eyes and said to her, "Isla, I have always yielded to you since we were little girls. I gave you everything as long as you wanted it, including dresses and toys. But Aron is different. Please, just this one time.

Could you make a concession for me?

"Becky, you are such a good liar! It is you..." Isla stared at Becky angrily. 'I always made a compromise for Becky on everything. I even gave up on my boyfriend for her. Haven't I made enough concession?' thought Isla to herself.

Before Isla could continue her speech, Becky interrupted immediately, "Isla, yesterday Aron told me that he still loved you as he did four years ago. I have kept his company for four years, and my relatives and friends all think that he is my fiance. I had his baby. I can't live without him. Please, don't steal him away from me. I can't suffer such a disgrace," Becky sobbed out.

All of a sudden, Isla realized what was going on was ridiculous. 'I haven't agreed to see Aron yet. Even if I did, I didn't owe her anything.

When Becky stole Aron away from me, did she care about my feelings?

At that time, everyone knew that he was my fiance. Even so, she still separated me from Aron without hesitation.'

"Isla..." Becky continued with her eyes brimming with tears, "I have heard from my mom that after Aron left, you dated many men. You have so many choices, why do you still want to take away my boyfriend? Please leave him alone. I beg you."

"Enough!" Isla shouted at her. Becky was not only lying, but she was also slandering her. Isla couldn't resist her anger anymore.

She shook off Becky furiously and scolded, "Becky, we both know what happened four years ago. I know how low you stooped to get what you wanted. Aron is a man, not a commodity that can be dealt with as such. It's his choice to decide who he wants to be with, and you have no right to decide for him. Are we clear?"

Isla trembled with rage at the thought of what had happened between them. 'I have dodged Aron and lived alone in low spirits these past four years. Now she's accusing me of stealing her happiness.'

"Isla!" Becky fell on her knees in front of Isla and clung to Isla's clothes. She implored with her tears streaming down her face, "I'm begging you. Please give Aron back to me. He is my everything and your future cousin-in-law."

Paula had been standing outside the door, as she had kept Isla's office door unclosed deliberately. The many colleagues that had gathered around Isla's office, couldn't believe what they were hearing.

Isla felt embarrassed and ashamed when she saw the look of misapprehension and disapproval on the faces of the people watching. But, Becky didn't stop at all.

Becky pulled Isla's clothes as she said, "I will give you whatever you want from me except Aron..."

"Stop acting!" Isla pushed Becky away impatiently and cried out, "You know what you did four years ago. Even if I steal Aron away from you, it will be your retribution. I warned you to never let me see your face again. Otherwise, I won't spare you!"

As their relationship had been destroyed long ago, Isla decided to leave no room for any reconciliation between them.

"Leave now, or I will call security." Isla looked at Becky with her cold eyes and added, "Keep in mind that, apart from you, everyone in the world has the right to ask me to leave Aron. Anyone, but you."

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