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Season 2

Episode 57

(You've developed a bad temper)

"Of course it is true!" Becky was fuming as she recalled the scene she saw yesterday. "I even know that woman very well. Just as the old saying goes that a rabbit doesn't nibble the grass near its own hole. But why would Aron want to be with that woman? If he wants to find another woman, he should..."

"Becky, you have to trust me. Aron must be brainwashed or beswitched by that woman temporarily, otherwise he wouldn't have done something like this."

Aron's grandma quickly defended her dear grandson's actions, because she could not bear the thought of someone scolding him. "Well, Becky, it is not very convenient to talk about this on the phone. Do you want to meet somewhere else, to talk? I'd like to invite you for a meal."

"Of course, I would like to. But grandma, you are the elder here while I am your junior, so it is natural for me to invite you for a meal. I am going to get up soon and I will come to pick you up later." Becky said with a smile, but soon she added, "Well, grandma, I have something to remind you of... I think it would be better not to tell Aron that we're seeing each other today. You know that he is very angry with me at the moment."

"Don't worry. I won't tell him," Joanna promised at once, since she was now standing in the same line with Becky.

Becky hung up the phone and got off her bed in a hurry. After getting dressed, Becky went down stairs where Mandy Zhao was surprised to see her at that hour. It was rare for Becky to get up so early. "Becky, you got up so early today! Why don't you stay in bed longer and get some sleep? Do you have any plans for today?"

"No. I don't want to sleep right now."

Becky replied calmly and went on, "Mom, I need your help to find out where Isla is working right now. It is time I paid her a visit since we haven't seen each other for so many years."

"Why would you want to meet her? What are you going to do?" Mandy was never fond of Isla.

"I will explain it to you later, but this is not the right time to talk about it. Hurry up, mom." Becky did not tell Mandy the whole story, because she wanted to meet Isla alone.

"Ok, I am going to call someone." Just within a few minutes, Mandy found out the address of Isla's workplace and then gave Becky the news. After getting her desired information, Becky went out with great satisfaction.

Soon she arrived at the house of Aron's grandparents and then she called Joanna. As Joanna was not in good health, Becky took her to a nearby porridge shop for a meal. "Grandma, you have been abroad for a long time and you rarely come back. I often came here to eat before I have to go abroad and I think it is a nice place since the food here is very delicious. Grandma, you should try it. Perhaps you will also like it."

"Okay, okay." Joanna looked at Becky and smiled softly. She was quite gratified with her warm and caring nature.

"Becky, you said that you know the woman whom Aron is in love with. Are you serious?

Who is she and where does she live?" Joanna was eager to dig out all of the information about that woman who seduced her grandson.

"Of course, I know her. I am being serious." Becky took a bowl of porridge for Joanna and said calmly, "Actually I know her quite well, because she is my cousin, my older sister."

"What? What are you talking about?"

Joanna was completely astonished when she heard this from Becky. "That woman is your cousin?"

"Yes," replied Becky indifferently. Becky smiled bitterly and said, "You think it is ridiculous? But it is the truth."

She paused for a few seconds and then continued, "She met a man a few years ago and said that she was going to get married to him. Unfortunately, the man left her for another woman. Since then, she was mentally traumatized and she began to date multiple men, but now she is thirty years old, and she still hasn't gotten married yet.

Four years ago she even seduced Aron, who at the time, was completely obsessed with her, but then Aron had to go abroad with you that year, leaving their relationship unsettled. But I had never expected that she would come running back to Aron as soon as he got back.

Grandma, I really love Aron, please help me. Please. I have no idea what to do." Becky pretended to be pitiful and begged Joanna for help.

Joanna hastily nodded and comforted her, "Becky, don't worry. I have taken you as a part of my family and you have always been kind to us, so I will definitely help you."

Joanna was going to meet Isla to have a chat with her, but she didn't expect her to be such a shameless woman.

Undoubtedly, she would never allow Aron to be with such a woman, let alone marry her, "Well, Becky, do you know where she is now? I want to meet her in person."

"Do you want to go now?" Becky furrowed her brows and pretended to be in a moral dilemma, "Grandma, don't do that. After all she is my cousin and she is at work now. And I think it would not be appropriate to go see her now, because I am afraid that she might lose her job over this."

"Becky, you are a good girl. You are always so understanding and considerate towards others." Joanna heaved a sigh and thought that Becky was too naive for her own good, which was why people took advantage of her kindness all the time. "You can't be so simple or you will suffer from a grave loss one day."

"But..." Becky still pretended to hesitate.

"Don't hesitate anymore. Give me her address. Hurry up." Joanna persuaded her and then added, "You know what? Even if you refuse to tell me her address, I will find her on my own sooner or later, so why don't you just tell me now?"

"Well, then... Okay." Becky finally agreed to tell Joanna after pretending to be hesitant for some time. "I will go with you as well, after we finish the meal."

Becky kept persuading Joanna not to scold Isla on their way to Cloud Advertising Company which made Joanna appreciate Becky's kind nature even more.

Isla had to deal with all of the office affairs since Autumn was on a leave today. She had never undertaken such an immense responsibility before, so she had to familiarize herself with the work here. She had been looking through the papers since morning and she had a headache at this very moment.

Paula had been transferred into the logistics department. When she was mopping the floor, someone in high heels stepped on where she had just mopped. She got annoyed, so she stopped and said, "Hey, do you know that..."

But before she could finish her sentence, Paula was shocked to find Becky standing right in front of her, with a menacing look on her face.

Becky glanced at Paula and asked, "Do you know where Isla Zhao is?"

"Why are you looking for her? Who are you?" Paula looked her up and down carefully. It seemed like they were here to make a punitive expedition against Isla. Paula hated Isla because she was Ye's friend, so she took pleasure in her misfortune as well.

"Do I need to tell a cleaner my purpose of seeing her?" Becky sneered coldly. But when she turned to Joanna, she put on a gentle and soft tone in an instant.

"Grandma, this is where Isla works. Let's go to find her."

"Okay," nodded Joanna. Paula had realized that something was amiss and she wasn't going to give up on a chance to find out what the fuss was about, so she dropped the cleaning tools in her hands on the floor, and then she stepped forward and said to them, "Follow me. I know where she is. I will take you to her."
Paula led them to the office of Isla and then knocked on the door, but before Isla could respond, she opened the door and walked in, "Miss. Zhao, someone is looking for you."

Isla furrowed her brows when she saw Paula walk in without permission. "Paula, don't you know that you have to knock on the door first before getting in?"

"But I did knock on the door before I walked in. You just didn't respond so..."

Paula replied indifferently.

As Isla was about to say something, a familiar voice came into the room from outside. It was a voice she never wanted to hear again. "Sister, I haven't seen you for four years, but it looks like you have developed a bad temper now. We rarely have the chance to see each other. This kind girl led us here to find you. So please don't blame it on her. She didn't mean to..."

"Becky? Why are you here? What brings you here today?" Isla was inflamed at the very sight of Becky.



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