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Season 2

Episode 52

(A hyprical Show between Mandy and Becky)

"Please don't say that and don't be angry, Mandy." Aron's grandparents flushed with embarrassment upon hearing all that Mandy had to say. They did feel extremely guilty about the matter especially since their grandson was unable to meet Becky's expectations.

Becky had been with him for over four years and now it was time for Aron to make his decision, whether he wanted to move forward or not.

When Becky and Aron went abroad, Becky found out that she was pregnant. But he did not care about it at all. One unfortunate day, Becky fell down accidentally during a quarrel with Aron.

They paid heavy price for that quarrel.

"Becky, you are a kind girl. I know you are being wronged and you have suffered many hardships," said Aron's grandma, Joanna. She took Becky's hands and said softly, "I am sure that you also know that grandpa and I have always regarded you as a part of our family over these years. So you don't have to worry. I will definitely get Aron to marry you and as your family I am responsible for your welfare for the rest of your life.

"That's okay, grandma. I am absolutely fine." Becky pretended to be strong and considerate and added, "I will wait for him irrespective of how long it will take for him..."

"Oh my god. You really are a silly girl, Becky!" Before Becky could finish her sentence Mandy interrupted her. "Do you know how long you have already been waiting for him? You have been waiting for him for four whole years! You will never get this time back and all these years you could have been someone else's wife! Becky, how many years do you have to wile away like this? You have wasted the most valuable years you have as a girl on him.

You know what, now every one of our relatives thinks that you are getting married soon. Do you want them to laugh at you? Do you really want to be the laughingstock?"

In fact, Mandy was constantly worried that Aron would not marry Becky after spending so many years together. And if it turned out to be true, then everything they had gone through earlier would all be in vain.

Mandy tipped Becky a wink and continued, "I asked you to come back when you had your miscarriage, but you refused to come back. I did not force you then because I knew that you love him deeply. But four years have passed, do you still want to continue things the way they are? Will you not resent him for the future he isn't giving you?"

"Mom, please give some more time.

Aron is just..." Dwelling upon what Mandy said Becky now started to see sense.

She had schemed against Isla that year and forced her to break up with Aron.

She had struggled for many years. She had been waiting for Aron for so many years and she was absolutely not going to give up.

"Be a good girl. Go back home with me now." Mandy took Becky's hands and began comforting her. She then turned to Aron's grandparents and said, "You are the dearests and closest to Aron. So could you please help me by telling Aron that if he still harbors reluctance to get married to Becky, my daughter will definitely not badger him to do so. If we are not meeting to discuss their wedding next time then we don't have to meet again."

"Mandy, please wait. Mandy..." The old couple could do nothing but just look at Mandy who took her daughter away. In that moment they felt more helpless and anxious, than they had felt in years, as they simply could not get through to Aron.

Seeing this, Aron's grandpa couldn't help complaining to his wife and blaming her, "This is all your fault. How dare he act in such a manner but for your indulgence in daily life?"

"I am sure that you know about Aron's life experiences. And with his experiences, it is needless to say you must know how much hardships he has bared. Then how can I possibly be strict with him in this case? What's more, there is also your 'credit' in some of it, right?"

Aron's grandma was not going to be compromising. She took a sigh after a long time and said, "Perhaps they would have gotten married to each other if Becky had not lost their baby accidentally. Becky had a miscarriage just after their quarrel. How could that little baby be so vulnerable? That poor baby of theirs did not even get the chance to have a glimpse of this world."
"Babies are all vulnerable even before birth. Perhaps it was because of the violent mood swings of Becky during their quarrel," said his grandpa.

The old man sighed helplessly and added, "But I really feel guilty for what is happening with Becky. During these four years, Aron has always hidden his face from Becky. He has never cared about her let alone taken care of her. But anyway Becky lost a baby because of Aron and now he has to be responsible for Becky."

"Yes, you are absolutely right." His grandma wore a concerned look while talking about this. "Aron is a reserved man and he never let us worry about him. He said he was going to take his girlfriend back four years ago. And I felt like he loved that girl very much at that point in time. But I don't know what happened to them. Why would they develop like this?"

The old couple thought Becky was the girl Aron was going to take back four years ago while Aron had never really explained what had really happened with him.

"It seems that Becky's mother is really infuriated with Aron's behavior. We better find a right time for their wedding. I am also really looking forward to having a great-grandson soon." Joanna said calmly.

Meanwhile as Becky decided to leave with her mother, she was still worried. "Mom, don't you think we went too far today? If Aron is still unwilling to marry me this move of ours may simply make him happy! Then all my efforts over the years will be in vain."

"Don't worry," replied Mandy firmly while calming her racing thoughts. She comforted Becky while driving to their house. "I can't read Aron's mind and I also don't know what he is planning but you have gotten along well with his grandparents in all these years. What's more, you have made them feel guilty by pretending to have a miscarriage four years ago, so you don't have to worry.

Though his grandparents have been living abroad for so many years, they still hold a traditional view. They must think that as you two have shared a sexual relationship, Aron should be responsible for you. So they will definitely ask and pressure Aron to marry you."

Becky frowned slightly as she heard her mom mention the bleak past. At her birthday four years ago, Becky put sleeping pills into Isla and Aron's wine. After that she took off Aron's clothes and lay down with him on the same bed in order to give Isla the impression that they had slept together. Becky played such a shabby trick on them and forced Isla to break up with Aron after this misunderstanding.

But she never expected that after Isla really broke up with Aron, he would move abroad.

However Becky did not want to give up after such an elaborate and manipulative plan, so she also went abroad to find Aron. But Aron treated her rudely and often tried to get rid of her. Not knowing what to do, Becky lied to Aron that she was pregnant with his child. She went to a hospital and bought off the doctor to give her a fake pregnancy report. But as time passed, she was afraid Aron would catch her lie, as she did not have a pregnant bump. It was then that she found an excuse to have a violent quarrel with Aron and then pretended to have an accidental abortion.

After this slapstick, Becky also wanted to have a baby with Aron. But he never got close to her let alone slept with her. Unfortunately, she did not get a chance at all.

Becky suddenly withdrew from her train of thoughts as Mandy started persuading her patiently. "Becky, you are already twenty-eight-years old, if you can't get married to Aron, then you'd better give up as soon as possible. Your dad also knows a lot of rich people and I can ask him to introduce one such eligible bachelor to you. Though he might not be as brilliant as Aron, it will be more fruitful than wasting anymore of your time on him."

Mandy heaved a sigh while talking about this. "Your cousin is already thirty-years-old, she still is a picky woman who is reluctant to get married. You better not follow her footsteps!"

"My cousin? Which one? You mean Isla?" Becky deliberately wanted to wipe that name from her memory, as it would always remind her about all the despicable things that she had done in the past. But it was not until the moment her mother mentioned this name to her again that she realized this name had been carved deep into her heart and simply could not be erased anymore.

"Yes. You are right." Mandy nodded slightly and went on. "Several days ago, Isla's mother asked me to introduce an eligible bachelor to her daughter. So I did so and introduced a distant relative of our neighbor to her. Even though the man is older than Isla he is worthy of her.

But I don't know what Isla did during their date. Anyway, the man got very angry with me and even called me to give me a piece of his mind which included bitter accusations."

"So this means she hasn't gotten married yet mom?" Becky furrowed her brow and asked her mom with a serious yet concerned look.

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