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 Season 2

Episode 49

(Dear Grandma)

"Well, I think I should go with you. Let me accompany you." Autumn received a call from Charles as soon as she finished her words. Isla took a glance at Autumn and then said, "Thanks. But there is no need to accompany me. I'll be just fine on my own. Your phone is ringing. Answer your phone."    

As soon as she picked up the phone, Charles' voice was heard from the other end of the phone, but he sounded a bit serious. He just told her that he was waiting for her downstairs and then hung up the phone. When she turned around to explain it to Isla, she found that Isla had already left.     

"Where did you go last night? I called you many times but you did not answer my calls." Autumn pretended to make a fuss when she got into the car. Usually Charles would explain to her patiently. However, this time he just took out a cigarette and ignited it.   

"What's wrong with you? What happened?" Immediately Autumn perceived, something was wrong. "Can you tell me what happened, Charles?" 

   "Autumn, I have found your grandma," replied Charles. He extinguished the cigarette in his hand and looked at Autumn's eyes.     

"What? Are you serious?" Autumn's eyes lit up upon hearing the news from him. "Where is she? Take me to her. Hurry up. I want to meet her right away."    

"Don't be so anxious." Charles received the call from his private detective last night, so he went to see him immediately. In order to prevent Charles from finding Autumn's grandma, Wendy took her grandma out of the hospital and left her in the care of a distant relative in a remote countryside. 

Charles picked up her old grandmother there and brought her to the hospital. But she was seriously ill, and she was in critical condition. Her grandma was admitted to the operating room last night where Charles spent the whole night waiting just outside the operating room.

He did not deliberately refuse to answer her phone. He just did not want to tell Autumn about the real condition of her grandma, because he was afraid that it would drive her insane.     

The doctor just told Charles that she had missed the optimal opportunity for treatment and that she only had a few days left to live. Autumn would lose her grandma soon.     

"Is she fine? Did something happen to her?"  

It was supposed to be good news, but seeing Charles' heavy-laden state gave her an ominous feeling.     

"Don't be so worried, Autumn. Please listen to me. I will tell you what happened." Charles tried to comfort her, but he had to tell her the truth. "I am sorry. I am really sorry, Autumn. If I found her just a little earlier..." Charles felt pitiful and apologized to her.   

"It is not your fault..." Autumn was bathed in tears after she heard the truth from Charles. She took his hands and said, "Charles, please take me to meet her right now. Please. I've missed her so much."    

"Okay. Don't be so anxious. I will take you there right now." He had arranged for the best ward as well as the most experienced doctor for her grandmother. 

Unfortunately, even after repeated diagnosis, he still got the same result.   

  There was nothing else he could do for her grandmother. What he could do, was to ask the doctors to try their best to alleviate the suffering of her grandma's illness.     

Charles started the car and drove to the hospital. Autumn didn't expect for the journey to feel so long. She was so eager to meet her grandma. She waited anxiously until the car finally stopped at the hospital. Autumn opened the door and rushed out, but she didn't even know where her grandmother was.   

"Don't be worried." Charles ran to her in a hurry and then held her hands, so as to give her strength, which relieved her somehow. Hand in hand, he brought her to her grandmother's ward.     

"Wait," said Charles. The tears trickled down her cheeks and when she was about to open the door of the ward, Charles stopped her. He turned her around and carefully wiped the tears off of her face. "Don't cry. You have been searching for your grandmother for such a long time, and now we have finally found her, so you should be happy about this. Don't let your grandma see you sad."    

"I know. I know," Autumn mumbled with a low voice. She forced herself to hold back her tears, took a deep breath and then walked into the room.   

She hadn't seen her grandma in a long time. She looked frail, lying there motionlessly. Her cheeks had receded and she was so skinny, she looked as if the wind could blow her away.    

 Autumn opened her mouth, trying to call her. But her tears just rushed down her cheeks and she couldn't control it anymore.     

She couldn't believe that this poor skinny old lady was her dear grandmother. 

Autumn felt as if a knife was piercing her heart. Looking at her grandma's poor condition, she was yearning to kill Wendy right then.     

Her grandma was her only family. How could Wendy put her grandma's life at risk?"    

"Grandma..." She finally called her grandma with a trembling voice as she knelt in front of the sickbed, bursting into loud sobs.   

She was unable to control her emotions.     
"Honey, you are here." Her grandma opened her eyes, and perhaps it was because she had perceived the arrival of Autumn. The old lady tried hard to see her beloved granddaughter, but no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to see her clearly. Her eyesight was deteriorating.     

Autumn realized that her grandma was having a hard time trying to see. Autumn held her hands tightly and said repeatedly, "Grandma, I am here. It's me. I am here now. Don't be afraid."    

The poor old lady smiled when she touched Autumn's face, as if she had gotten used to the darkness. She fondled Autumn's face carefully and then showed a soothing smile, "I am relieved to know that you are fine."    

Autumn cried bitter tears. "Grandma, what happened to you? Wendy said that she would take you to see the doctor as long as I agreed to her demands. She is a liar. I..."  

"Don't cry, Autumn." Her rough hands fondled Autumn's cheeks as she tried to wipe off the tears from her face. It took a long while for Autumn to finally calm down. "Sweetie, I am so glad that I could meet you before dying. Don't cry and don't be upset. You are a good girl."   

 "Grandma, please don't say that." Even though Autumn knew that there was not much time left for her, Autumn still tried to comfort her, "Grandma, don't worry. I have money now and I will find the best doctors for you. You will get better soon.

 I won't let you leave me. We will live a better life."    

"Sweetie, don't bother trying to do that." Her grandma sighed and then went on, "I am clear about my health condition. I know that I don't have much time left." 

   Autumn covered her mouth with her hands and forced herself not to cry. She felt such an immense pain when she heard this from her poor grandma.   

When Autumn was a child, her father had passed away. And soon Wendy got married to Simon. Since then, Wendy had turned a blind eye to Autumn and stopped caring for her. It was her grandmother who had raised her. Her grandma finally collapsed under the heavy burden of taking care of her. 

Autumn knew that she owed her grandma her whole life. Her grandma had worked hard all her life, but she even didn't taste a single sweet day. And now she was dying, which made Autumn feel very guilty. This poor old lady gave her whole life to Autumn, but Autumn had no chance of repaying her anymore. 

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