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 Season 2

Episode 55

(You must marry her)

"At first, I also thought that her pregnancy was a result of the night we slept together in a drunken stupor... but later I realized that none of it made any sense. Somnolence and morning sickness are the most common symptoms a pregnant woman should have. However, she showed no signs of having any such symptoms. Perhaps, she had discovered that I was investigating her, so she declared her miscarriage shortly afterwards, in order to clear herself of my suspicions." 

Aron's grandparents had scolded him because of Becky's miscarriage. But for Aron, Becky's declaration of miscarriage had instead confirmed his speculation about her fake pregnancy.     

He knew that Becky was determined on marrying him. So he presumed that if Becky did, in fact, get pregnant, she would have done everything in her powers to keep the baby, to use it as a bargaining chip to marry herself into the Gu family. It just made no sense that she had had a miscarriage so easily.   

"What happened then?" Isla had also begun to grow suspicious of the whole thing after hearing Aron's words.  

 "I had tried very hard to uncover the truth. To get more information, I tried to contact the doctor responsible for Becky's pregnancy test, only to find that she had bought the doctor off. The doctor then skipped town. In order to gather evidence against her, I spent four years living abroad. It was not until very recently that something finally came to my attention. It so happened that there was some business to talk over back home, so I grabbed the chance and returned." He said to Isla, gently taking her hand. He had been planning to reveal all of these to her for years, and now he finally got the chance to do so, personally. "Isla, I'll admit that it was my fault for going abroad without even saying good-bye back then. But please, believe me when I say this, I have always loved you and dreamed of getting married to you. Now that we have cleared up all the confusion, will you..."  

"I'm afraid it's too late now." Isla said with a forced smile, "Everyone knows that you are Becky's fiance. You two have been together for four years. Whatever has happened, it is now your responsibility to marry her. If I disregard everyone else and insist on marrying you, I will surely become a target of public criticism. I really cannot afford to lose my dignity over this again."    

"So you are willing to give up on us without a fight?" Aron frowned, "I have never accepted Becky to be my girlfriend. That was all her doing."    

"But your family has already accepted her, and... even my relatives back in my hometown know about your relationship." Isla had not been seeing anybody else in the past four years, and because of that, every time she went back to her hometown, she would have to face her family's criticisms. From their point of view, Isla should have already found herself a boyfriend to be in a stable relationship with, instead of trying to come in between Becky and Aron.

Besides, they liked Becky more than Isla, so if she were to take Aron back, she wouldn't have been welcomed back to her hometown ever.   

"Isla, don't let other people's opinions affect you. Just answer this, do you still want to be with me?" He held her hand as he said that. Isla could read the sincerity in his eyes.     

"I..." Isla paused, "Weren't you afraid that I might have gotten married after all these years? You've come back too late, and four years is a long time."    

"I had done my homework, and I know that you are still single." As a matter of fact, Aron had investigated her status quo, and the fact that she was still single gave him the courage to try and win her back. He believed that he still had a place in her heart.   

"You..." Isla blushed. But, because everything was happening so quickly, she found herself at a loss for words. She couldn't understand what was going on in her mind as well.     

Even just a few days before Aron had come back, Isla had despised him for not telling her the truth, because of which she supposed that he had fallen in love with someone else. He had made her looked like a complete fool when she learned the truth later.     

Isla started to feel differently about Aron after he came back, especially when he told her the truth about what had happened between him and Becky. And Isla began to resent Becky strongly. If not for Becky's plan, she and Aron would not have to suffer such a long separation. Besides, she hated herself for leaving Aron because of Becky.    

 He had been away for four years.   

And she had missed him for all those years.     

"Isla, I know that time changes things, but it can't change how I feel about you.

 Although we have been apart from each other for four years, I still love you just the same. I know that this is coming to you out of the blue, and you still need time to think it over. Don't worry, I will wait for you as long as it take," Aron gently looked at Isla and proposed, "How about one week? In the meantime, I will speak with Becky and set things straight with her. What do you say?"    

"You... are you really going to break up with her?" Asked Isla as she frowned mildly.     

"How could I break up with her when we weren't even together in the first place?" Aron let out a smile and continued, "But you are right, I must make a clean break. I need to persuade my grandparents, and make it clear to Becky. Isla, please don't push me away anymore, okay?"  

"..." Isla said nothing, but gave her answer by nodding her head lightly.     Early next morning, Aron sent Isla home. After that, Isla tried calling Autumn to ask for a leave. She was caught by surprise when she heard Charles's voice on the other end of the line.     

"May I speak to Autumn?" Isla asked in confusion. She quickly glanced at the phone screen to make sure that she had dialled the correct number.     

"She has just gone to sleep. Is it very urgent?" Charles said in a cold voice.    

 "It's not a big deal. Just that, something important came up last night, so I was wondering if I could take the day off," Isla said softly.     

"Isla, I'm afraid that I must say no." 

Charles didn't mean to push her too hard, but... Given Autumn's current state, it would be impossible for her to get back to work anytime soon. "Miss. Zhao, Autumn stayed at the hospital all night. 

She's a bit emotionally unstable at the moment, and won't be able to make it to work. You are the only person she trusts in the company, so..."  

"What happened to her?" Isla's heart sank.    

 "Nothing serious. It's just that we have found her grandmother, but she is not in a very good condition. So Autumn has to stay at the hospital and look after her. If you don't mind... could you please take care of the company affairs for Autumn while she's absent?" Charles believed that Isla would understand their situation.     

"Okay, no problem." Isla said while slightly nodding her head. She then asked worriedly, "Is Autumn alright? Does she need my help there? I can manage to go to the hospital and keep her company if necessary."  

Before Aron could even say a word, his grandfather Mike turned to persuade him, "Aron, you have long reached the age of marriage. You and Becky have been together for four years, and both your grandmother and I like her very much. Please just listen to us. It's about time that you acted more responsibly and married her. Let's set up a time to meet with her family again, and get your wedding settled as soon as possible."  

  "Your grandpa is right. Becky is such a good girl. Although you never admitted that she is your girlfriend, she has remained ever faithful to you for all these years. She has even suffered a miscarriage because of you. 

Clear your conscience and shoulder the responsibility, Aron." Joanna frowned as she said, "Your grandpa and I have discussed it last night, and we think that we should get down to preparing for the wedding. The 7th of next month will be a lucky day, we want to schedule the wedding for that day if you agree. 

Besides, you should talk to Becky's parents soon. Make sure to ask whether there are any special customs they would like to observe. Tell them we will follow whatever customs they may request."

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