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💛💛(A Maid for the Woo's)💛💛

💛Episode 29💛

(Avoiding him)

He didn't know why he kissed her..

He just didn't know why he kissed her but he enjoyed the feeling of his lips on hers..

‘M..Master shin??'..Min Ah stated as she broke away from his lips..

She couldn't even believe it!!!..

She kissed Shin Woo!!..

She kissed her greatest crush of all time!!..

‘Leave my room'..Shin replied obviously shocked and she shook a bit..


‘Leave my room Min Ah!!!'..He yelled and she ran out of his room with blood still gushing out of her leg but felt no pain...

No pain can be compared to what she felt inside and how fast her heart beat...


‘Stupid,stupid,stupid!'..Shin groaned from under his breath as he paced around the room..

His phone rang and he checked the caller only to see that it was his manager but he ignored the call anyway...

He wasn't in the mood for calls right now all he needed was to think..

‘Goddammit!!'..He groaned again and in anger he threw his phone across the room...

He liked the maid no doubt and he couldn't deny it any longer..

He really liked her that's why he kissed her..

‘Shin your manager has been calling but you're not picking'..Mrs Woo said as she walked into his room..

‘Omma I'm not in the mood for calls'..He replied gruffly and she frowned..

‘What's wrong this time??'..She asked..

‘It's nothing Omma I'm going out of for a drink'..He muttered and walked out after grabbing his keys leaving his mother in wonder..


Min nipped at her bottom lip staring at her lips on the mirror and smiled a bit..

His lips felt so good that she wanted more than to just kiss him...

But now she couldn't just face him after what happened??..

She would just die of embarrassment— A boxer kissing a maid was something that happened only in the movies..

Shin Woo doesn't like her??..

He's just being caring and nothing else,she told herself and sniffed loudly..

Avoiding him was just the best thing to do until he eventually forgets about everything..


She was going to avoid him and forget about their kiss..

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