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💛💛(A Maid for the Woo's)💛💛

💛Episode 14💛

(Camping trip🏕️:Day 2 cont'd)

 ‘Picking on her?? Ohh please Hyung you know pretty well that I've got better things to do than pick on the maid? It's really irritating to even see you standing up for an employee'..Shin retorted and walked away with Min Ah behind him..

Picking on her??..

Hell no!!.

He just didn't like her..

He just doesn't like the way she creeps under his skin and make him feel awkward towards her..

‘The tent looks pretty good to me so what should I do??'..Min asked and Shin frowned deeply...

Truly there was nothing wrong with the tent but he still went on to call her away from Hyung...

Why did he do it though??..

‘Don't question me next time you can leave!!!'..He snapped and Min shrugged leaving..

That's strange...

If he knew there was nothing wrong with the tent then why did he have to call her??.,


The next morning everyone woke up except Shin who felt like the whole world was against him...

‘Shin are you okay??'..Mrs Woo asked already worried about her son...

‘I'm fine!! It's the stupid camping!! We should have never come here'..He snapped feeling green already and Mrs Woo sighed deeply...

Something was definitely wrong with him..

‘Go ask him if he wants breakfast Min'..She murmured and Min Ah nodded although not to ecstatic about the idea...

She gulped hard and tapped on the zipper of the tent and when Shin groaned she went in...

‘Are you okay sir??'..she asked..

‘I'm fine'..Shin groaned against his pillow..

‘But sir you don't look okay'..She said and bit her lower lip...

‘I said I'm..'...shin's voice trailed off as he stood up and vomited right on her head...

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