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     🥀{Helping Her Get Over Him}🥀

                🦋 EPISODE 59🦋







    Ever since I almost saw her half naked. It has been driving me nuts.

And ever since I had her in my arms, I don't think I would be able to control it anymore.

I needed her.

I wanted her.

Just a kiss.

A kiss is all I need and then I will forget everything.

I will forget everything that she has told me Ankit that jerk.

How they had met.

How he had been towards her at first.

How he never wanted to accept that proposal because she wasn't ready.

How she went to her best friend for help and she had told her to go ahead if he likes him 

The same best friend that cheated on her with him.

Howhe had kept going after her until she had agreed.

She told me everything and now, I know that she's behind drunk.

And even then..

When she's sitting here like this..

She still is the most beautiful woman I've ever meant.

I move closer to her to bring her into me.

Just one kiss. That's all.

I convince myself.

But the moment I tried that, I knew I couldn't.

This isn't right. This isn't.

I'm about to kiss her against her better knowledge.

How has this got me to be any different from the bastard that tried to touch her?

I shake my head before dropping her back and grabbing the bottles and the whiskey's.

I drop them to the bar before walking back to her and carrying her in my arms.

She feels warm. Just like she always do and her warmth engulfs me completely.


She calls. Her words slurs as she lays her head against my chest.

Near to my heart. The one last that only beats for her.


I amswer as I climb up the stairs and she snuggles herself deeper into me.

"Don't let go."

And I still on my movement.

Turning to look at her, her eyes are closed and I smile,using my one knee to hold her down as I use my hand to swipe back the hair that has escaped from the rest.

Oh Tamara.

If objy you know how long I had been holding into you.

Shaking my head off the thoughts, I climb on the last stair before walking down the hallway.

Opening the door gently, I close it back with my leg and walk over to the bed before gently placing get on it.

She quirms but she doesn't wake up and I sigh as I turn off the light.

As I turn back to leave, she holds my hand.

"Don't leave. Sleep here with me."

"You will be angry at me when it's Dawn."

I chuckle and she shakes her head against the bed.

" I won't. Please."

I sigh before nodding.

I know she definitely will because she has no idea what she's talking about now.

She's only saying that because she's drunk.

Tomorrow morning, sober Tamara will definitely be mad and at this moment, I'm going to be her comforter.

Dragging the duvet you, I slide under it and pull it over the two of us as she snuggles herself closer to me.

"Thank you."

She nutters and I plant a soft kiss to her forehead before wrapping my arms around hes waist.

      TBC ♥️.


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