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              ✨{Forcefully Betrothed}✨

                   🦋 EPISODE 55.🦋







    "I'm glad that we were able to pull that through. For a moment there, I actually thought that they were going to notice."

Bryan chuckles behind me as we both enter the room and I smile before turning back to look at him and he's staring at him with a look that I can't quite decipher written across his face.

"Are you alright now? You broke down earlier when we were returning home."

He says and I turn my head down to stare at the floor, feeling so embarrassed that he had to see me in that state.

"No, I'm not really but I think I would be fine. I guess."

I shrugs and he smiles at me before nodding while I grab my phone from the bag and drop it on the bed before staring into space.

"I'm going to be right back, I need to see Dad about something."

He says and I smile before nodding while I watch him walk out of the room.

I slump down to the bed and try not to think about everything that has happened today.

Everything that Ethan has told me about.

I don't want to think about it but the more I keep denying it myself, the more I get tempted to think about it and the more it's hard to keep the tears from falling.

I shake my head continuously,deciding that a guy like him doesn't deserve my tears a single but just like Bryan has said.

I chuckle to myself at that statement.

When have I ever listened to what Bryan says?

It's funny how I'm doing that now.

I grab my phone from the bed and scroll through the contacts, deleting his contacts and hers too before going over to the pictures and deleting everything that could remind me of the both of them.

After making sure that there's nothing left anymore, I drop the phone beside me and stare into space.

It's already nightfall already and I don't even feel like eating.

I don't know how I'm going to do it.

I have gotten so much feel with him.

I have let myself fall so hard for him.

How the hell am I going to forget about him and move on???

    TBC ♥️.

 Sorry for the short episode guys. I'm really sick so please bear with the short episodes till I get back to myself.


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