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           ✨{Forcefully Betrothed}✨

      🦋Episode 80.🦋{The Drunk Night Together}.







    I groan as I stand up from the bed to see Bryan sleeping beside me and I smile as I watch the way his eyelashes flutters when he sleep.

Oh God. My head hurts so terribly.

I wonder how many drinks that I had last night and what the hell happened last night?

I turn to stare at Bryan again, this time my eyes almost popping out if my sockets as I realise that we are in the same room.

Bryan and I are sleeping in the same room and we are on the same bed!

God. I can't believe this. What the hell happened yesterday?

I think I might have drink too much because I can't even remember anything expect the fact that I left the party with him after getting drunk.

I remember seeing him with that bitch and I remember trying to get myself drunk after that, I also remember Bryan carrying me out of the out after I got drunk.

I don't remember any other thing after we left there.

I hold my head and groan internally as I try to remember what happened and why Bryan and I are in the same bed.

I hope I didn't try anything silly while I as drunk though.

I grab my head as I remember me telling him that we should have a drink night.

Seriously? A drink night?

I just say stupid things sometimes when I'm drunk.

'You really think that I'm prettier than her?

We should play truth or dare.

I don't think that we should do this anymore. You should go take some rest.

I dare you to take me right here on this couch.

I'm so tired of been a virgin and I want you to take my innocence.'

The pieces comes back together and I groan as I hold my face and shake my head.

No it isn't true,is it?

I didn't ask him to sleep with me!

God! I didn't ask him to have sex with me, did I?

Is my memories trying to play some dirty tricks on me right now?

'Tamara. We should stop this, this isn't right.'

Oh my God!

This is so emvareassing.

Wait. I'm quick to remove the duvet that's covering both of us and stare down at myself to see that I'm still clothed in my underwear but he removed the dress that I'm putting on already.

Oh. I'm glad that he didn't do it.

No matter how stupid it may sounds or seems. But I've always wanted to remember and cherish the first time that I'm going to have sex with anyone.

I had thought that was going to be Ethan but he ruined it anyways and I don't even wanna think about that right now.

"You're awake."

His voice says from beside me and I just wish that I can disappear into the thin air right now.

God! It's so embarrassing to have him after what happened yesterday and the stupid things that I must have said.. or do.

I don't remember everything but the little that I do says that I really did do a lot of stupid things.

"Yes, um.. good morning."

I turn to him and try my best to put on a smile to see him grinning at me as he shakes his head.

"You were really drunk last night. Do you remember anything of what happened?"

He raises his brows at me and I'm quick to look away from him.

I'm sure that my face is as red as anything.

"You don't have to feel shy baby. I will take you some other time."

He whispers in my ear and I groan before standing up and running into the bathroom.

I chuckle to myself as I hold my hand over my chest only to remember something.

He called me baby!

   TBC ♥️.



  1. Hahahahahahaha thank God you remembered

  2. Nice one,I suspected rihana Carly or whatever her name is, Mara should remember the past o Biko,'TAMBRY!!!!!



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