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           ✨{Forcefully Betrothed}✨

      🦋Episode 77.🦋{The Drunk Night Together}.




            ~🥀 BRYAN🥀~



   "I think that we should play a game as we do this."

Tamara says as we both sit on the couch and I sigh as I roll up the sleeves of my shirt.

I have tried convincing her that she should have some rest but she has insisted that she doesn't want to go to sleep and now, here we are.

She's really nuts when she's drunk but I love the kind of nuts that she is this time around.

I really can't believe that she kissed me like that.

I still can remember the way her lips felt around mine and it was heavenly.

God! Just how much that I love this girl and I will absolutely anything to make her love me too.

I have no idea why she's acting this way but I do know that she has no idea of what she's doing which is probably why she's like this.

Tomorrow, I pray that she doesn't remember anything about this or she's going to fry me dry tomorrow.

"I still think that you should go have some rest."

I mutter once again and just like she has been doing anytime I say those words, she rolls her eyes at me and I chuckle at the way that she had did that. Making her seem so childish.

"I do not. I have told you repeatedly, I do not want to go and rest, why do you want me to go so badly. Do you want to leave me, do you want me to leave? Why? Why do you want me to leave? Is it cause you want to go and meet that bitchy girl again?"

She raises her brows at me and pouts her lips in a way that made me chuckle once again as I shake my head and I decide to give it up and have this one fun night with her because I didn't think that I will be able to have this again.

Shaking my head, I lean forward and capture her lips in mine as I drag her closer to myself and bring my hand to her hair, before slowly trailing it down to the back of her head and she groans against my lips before standing up and getting on my lap.

I sigh into the kiss as she grabs my hands and takes it to her hips and I can feel my heart beating faster against my chest.

Damn! She didn't just did that, did she?

This girl is really nuts when she's drunk and I love it.

I pull back abd stare at her, smiling at her as she returns the smile.

I can't really believe that I just kissed her again! For the third time tonight!

"I don't want to be with anyone else, I've told you that Tamara. I only want you and no one else's, please don't say that again."

I mutter and she nods immediately while I let out a sigh before sitting back on the couch and dropping her to sit at the other side.

"Okay, what game do you say that we should play as we drink this on?"

I raise my brows at her as I fill the cups with the drink.

I've told Tamara that it will just be better off if we sit on the floor and do this but she said that she prefers the sofa and I really do not want to get her angry.

She's easily angered like this.

"Truth or Dare."

She grins and I chuckle as I nod my head and sit well before raising my head to stare at her.

"Okay, I'm going to go first. Truth or Dare?"

She asks and I shake my head to the side like someone who is really thinking about something.


I smile but what she said is something that I never thought I was ever going to hear from her.

"I dare you to take me right here in the couch."

    TBC ♥️.

She didn't just said that 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣

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