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           ✨{Forcefully Betrothed}✨

      🦋Episode 74.🦋{The Drunk Night Together}.







    "That was the best dance that I've ever had Bryan, thank you so much for it "

The bitch says as they finally both walk back to the table and I can't even feel my head anymore.

I have no idea how many drinks that I've had. I'm still wondering how the hell I have managed to remain on this chair that I'm sitting on right now.

"Are you okay Mara?"

Of course he's going to ask that.

That's all he ever asks from me, every single time he's asking if I'm okay.

He should be asking me to dance with him right now but of course he isn't going to do that because he somehow sees me as a collateral damage that needs to be asked about how she feels every damn single time.

"Yes, I'm..."

I almost choke on my drink but I'm quick to gulp it down.

"Why the hell are you drinking? You know you can't handle alcohol!"

He yells and I roll my eyes at him as I gulp down the remaining content of the glass.

"I'm going to do whatever I want, thank you so much for caring."

I roll my eyes before bringing the cup to my lips to have another slip when the glass is grabbed abruptly from me.



I'm so stupid. I shouldn't have left her all alone here to go dance with someone.

I should have known that she would do something like this.

She can't handle alcohol and she knows it, yet she went ahead and do this.

I sigh as I watch her try to drink again but I'm quick to grab the glass from her and she turns to look at me, her lips pushed out.

Did she just actually pout at me?

God! This girl does a lots of silky things when she's drunk.

I can't believe that she just actually pouts at me.

"Give me back the drink. I want my drink back, don't take that away fro me too.".

She yells and I'm glad for the loud music that's still blazing through the room or I would have had to deal with the attention that we are going to get.

She's drunk as fuck already and yet, she wants more.

"No, I'm not giving you back this because you can't handle it."

I groan as I gulp down the remaining content of the glass before dropping it on the table.

I turn to look at Carly who has been staring at us all these while.

"I'm sorry about that but I think that I will be needing to leave here, she's already drunk abd I won't be able to stay here."

"Yeah, I get it Bryan. Her carelessness will cause lots of unnecessary attention, I guess we can see each other next time since miss little here has ruined the night for us."

She says with a smile and I'm tempted to defend her immediately but I keep shut knowing that she wouldn't have meant that in a bad way anyways.

"Yeah, I will be leaving. "

I smile at her once again before turning back to Tamara who for some reason unknown to me is now taking off her shoes and she's playing with them.

Oh God!

I need to get her out of here before she actually causes a scene.

"Um... Take care of the event for me if I'm asked for. I'll be leaving."

I grab Tamara's hand despite the fact that she refuses.

I groan before taking her in my arms together with her bag and her shoes.

"I will drop by your office some other time."

Carly says and I nod.

"Don't drop by bitch. He doesn't need you and he ain't going to need your wide pussy either!"

Tamara yells in my arms, this time attracting everyone's attention because the music just happened to stop the exact moment she said those words.

Oh my God!

    TBC ♥️.



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  1. Bryan doesn't want to approach her the right way but wants her to love him just like that?



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