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           ✨{Forcefully Betrothed}✨

      🦋Episode 73.🦋{The Drunk Night Together}.







    "So you failed? Wow, I really can't believe that Ethan of all people lost a bet"

Chris laughs and I turn to glare at him which causes him to raise his hands in surrender.

I roll my eyes at him before grabbing the drink and gulping it down my throat.

I'm still going to have my revenge on that guy for having the guts to ruin my plans.

If it hadn't been because of him motherfucker then I would have won that forsaken bet by now and I would have had all the money to myself.

Instead, because of the damn motherfucker. I lost the money to that damn fucking guy..

God. I can't believe that this is happening right now. I'm surely going to get my revenge and now, I don't really care if it's because of the bet or not.

I'm going to make sure that I get myself into Tamara's tight little pussy before anyone else can..

That's a promise I'm making to myself because I never lose a bet and I never will.



I stare around the club, searching for them and my eyes are getting blurry with each step that I take.

I'm a lightweight so the alcohol must have been having effects on me by now.

God! I hate the fact that I can't handle alcohol sometimes.

I should sit down but I'm hell-bent on finding them so I let my feet drag me around the club until my eyes settles on them.

Anger surges through me as I watch the way that he flirts with her.. I mean she flirts with him.. I mean they flirt with each other.

They are still dancing and he has his arms wrapped around her waist while her hands are at either side of his shoulder.

He leans down to tell her something and she actually laughs at it, flipping her hair to the back dramatically probably for him to fall for her.

I was about to take a step when I for once stop and think about what I'm doing right now.

I'm about to storm in there and do what exactly?

I have no idea what I'm going to do. I can't just appear I'm front of them and ask Bryan to stop dancing with her which I'm sure that he isn't going to listen to me to cause anything I say doesn't matter..

Did I actually forgot that this is the guy that hates me and would have stop at nothing to see me suffer which I'm pretty sure that I'm doing right now.

I think that my feelings might have been the one to change cause I don't think that I hate him like I used to.. should anymore.

I don't hate Bryan anymore and I can't comprehend the feelings that I'm beginning to feel for him either but I know that whatever the feelings are...

I can't allow them to grow because he would never have anything to do with me.

I turn back to look at them and they are no longer dancing.

He's staring at her as she tries to get something off her dress.

Something I'm sure doesn't even exist because I watched the way she pushes her chest even more closer to him.

Fucking bitch!

I snarl before storming out of their sight and grabbing a drink along the way, gulping it down entirely.

Damn! This is going to be a very long night for me.

Very long party.

   TBC ♥️.


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