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       πŸ₯€{The Drunk Night Together}πŸ₯€

             πŸ–€ EPISODE 72πŸ–€







    "So you're the one that he got married to. This is actually not what I had expected, I had expected someone hotter than this and maybe a fashion model but you're just..."

She clicks her tongue and she's so glad that we are actually in a public place right now or I would have dragged her damn fake hair and dragged it through everything here right now.

"You're just plain.. I guess."

She says as her eyes trails down my body before settling back to my eyes and I smile at her.

"I'm glad that I didn't meet your expectations but could you just be a little bit less obvious when you're with my husband? I know you want him but what can you do? You can't have him."

I smirk and her and she chuckles once again before shaking her head.

"Oh, that's actually where you get everything wrong my darling. I will be getting him because Bryan has always been here, I had only been complementing when I will have him and if you think that you..."

She says as her eyes trails down my body once again.. with disgust written all over her face.

"If you think that you're actually going to stop me then you should think again my dear cause you actually have it wrong. No one can take Bryan away from me. He has always been mine and he will always be mine right under your watch. I'm going to make him mine and I'm going to make his body mine, I'm going to fuck him as much as I want and don't worry, you can have the orgasm left when I'm done."

She chuckles and before I could even had the chance to say something, Bryan appears once again and I bite down on my tongue.

"Is everything okay?"

He asks as he looks between me and her before his eyes settles down on her, a smile across his lips as he smiles at her and I shake my head at him.

He isn't even looking my way.

"Yes, everything is fine. We were just getting to know each other, right?"

She turns to look at me, putting on that fake smile again and all I could do was to just shake my head.

"Bryan baby, could you spare me a dance please?"

He didn't even turn to look at me before nodding and grabbing her hand, walking away with her while I grab the drink on the table angrily and gulp it down.

The liquid burns down my throat and I realize that it isn't water like I had thought but it's actually alcohol.

Exactly what I need to get my mind off everything that the bitch had just said right now.

Grabbing the other glass across the table, I gulp it down and it burns down my throat once again.

She's going to get him and have her way with him?

Well, that would be over my dead body cause I won't allow her to take what's mine!

Bryan is mine and I think it's time that I make that clear to every one of them.

Grabbing another glass and gulping it down from one of the waiters that are passing by, I go in search for them.

    TBC ♥️.

Oh la la.. Trouble πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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