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               ðŸ¥€{Loving Him}🥀

             ðŸ–¤ EPISODE 71🖤







   "God you have grown so damn much. Look at how beautiful you actually are."

Bryan chuckles as his eyes trails down the lady and I'm growing more and more irritated with each second that passes here.

It's almost as if I've become invisible and they can't actually see me and Bryan doesn't care either.

Even as his eyes lingers down her body with lust in his eyes.

God! Is this actually really happening?

I know that she's hot and everything but did he really had to do this in front of me and I can't believe that the girl is giggling.

What a whore!

"And you grow even more and more hotter each second that passes by and each time that I see you. Now I really regret not fucking you when I had the chance, I heard you're married now."

The girl chuckles and Bryan does the same.

I have never seen him be so free to anyone and even smile this much at them.

Talk to them freely and tease about and it leaves me to be wondering just who the hell is this lady truly?

"Yes, I am and I'm sure as you're here because I've been told that this place is only for couples. You're married also, who's the lucky guy that finally got my girl."

He chuckles and I scoff.

His girl?

Did he actually just called her his girl?

What the hell is actually happening here?

"I'm a one girl army Bryan. No one got me and not everyone here are couples though, some came alone like me. I just signed up with one of the music industry so I got interviewed last time and I'm just coming here after been invited."

He says and I realize that I'm the only one that's been to myself.

Everyone around are either chattering or laughing around with their partner.

Apparently, my husband is otherwise occupied with a hot girl that I know nothing about.

When is he planning on introducing me to this hot chick.

"Oh, I'm happy for you. You truly deserve it after all those times at high school."

Oh, so they were classmates at high school.

Still doesn't define the reason while she's looking at him like she just wants to devour him.

Okay, I know that he's hot but bitch, he's mine and I can't actually believe that I had just said that.

"Yes, thank you. I can't believe that I lost you to whoever your lucky wife is though, I was planning on hooking up with you whenever I find you.''

She chuckles.

"We can still go out some other time."

Bryan says and each attention that he gives her makes me more angry.

"Yes but I wouldn't really be able to do what I have been initially planning on doing when ever I see you, fuck."

She winks and Bryan shakes his head before they finally turn their attention to me.

I put on the fakest grin that I've ever had as I pretend like I hadn't just listened to the entire of their conservation and been angry the whole time while doing that.

"Okay, this is my ....."

He stops for a moment and stare at me.

"I'm his wife."

I say to her since it seemed like he wasn't going to say it anytime soon.

Why the hell couldn't he call me his wife in front of her since he has always been the one that's always trying to keep this thing going.

So he really wants to fuck her, uh? Not under my watch.

"Yes, she's my wife."

He whispers and the lady turns to me, smiling though I could tell that it's fake.

"I'm so glad to finally meet you. I'm Bryan's friend."

She smiles at me, not even bothering to extend her hand for a handshake and I'm glad that she didn't cause I wouldn't have take it.

"Alright, I need to find somewhere quiet to take this. Make yourself comfortable."

Bryan says before disappearing and the bitch turn to me, this time with a scowl across her face.

I knew it would be trouble if Bryan isn't around and I'm not having down either.

Bryan is mine. Fake or not.

TBC ♥️.


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