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             ✨{Forcefully Betrothed}✨

                   🦋 EPISODE 52🦋







    Although I had seen her cry that night when she had called the same motherfucker that had just left here right now,it's the first time that I would see her cry this much.

And I can feel her pains deep to my bones.

I want to do something. Assure her that everything would be alright but I don't know what to say so I just allow her to cry to my chest and let me feel her pains.

Her hands drops from her chest and hold tightly to my shirt and my eyes widens as she hugs tightly to my body.

I don't know if it's because she's hurt right now and she doesn't realize anything but her chest is pinned to me.

When I mean her chest. I mean her chest without any cloth or any underwear hindering anything.

It was her breasts pinned to my chest and as much as this isn't the right time for this to happen, I can't help the tingling feeling that I'm feeling from her chest been pinned to mine.

She's crying her eyes out, I shouldn't be thinking about all those stuffs.

I shake my head off the thought and slowly bring my hand to her hair and pat it gently as she sobs to my chest.

I swear that motherfucker is going to regret what he had done to her.

He will surely pay for trying to touch something that's mine and I will make sure that he does.

I want to soothe her and tell her that everything is alright.

I want to kiss away her pains and her cries but that would only make everything even worse for her so I just do something that I can do.

"It's fine. He's fine now,he didn't get what he wanted. I'm sorry that you believed him but you're free now. It's fine,everything will be alright."

"I loved him. I loved him so damn much, I was willing to do anything for him, I loved him so much."

She cries and even though it breaks my heart to hear her say that she loved another guy, I continue soothing her while trying to stop my own heart from bleeding.

"I know. I know that you loved him and I'm sorry that he took that love for granted, you just have to let him go now. He doesn't deserve you. You have to stop crying now. You will be fine,I promise."

"I can't Bryan.."

She had called me Bryan. Apart from the part where she had begged me to let her leave to come see him.

She had called me Bryan once again. Not Bryan fucking hall. Not dick. Not jerk.

Just Bryan.

"I can't stop thinking about it. He had tried to rape me. He hit me.. he..."

I still my movement immediately. My eyes widening as I pull away from her and my eyes darkening. I try not to think about her chest that's now visible to my eyes and think about what she had just said.

He hit her?

''He hit you and you actually told me to let him go?!"

I yell at her and she shakes her head.

"It doesn't matter anymore. I'm the one at fault, I should have never left home but somehow I'm glad that I did. Because if I hadn't then I wouldn't have found out about everything,even though the proofs were there. I was trying so hard not to believe but now I do."

"I'm so stupid. So stupid."

I sigh before slowly bringing my hand to her chest,I pull her ripped gown you to cover it and I frown when it's still visible.

I sigh before taking off my jacket and using it to cover her while she cries all through before I bring her once again to my chest.

I don't care what she says but I'm going to make sure that he regrets this.

No one touches what's mine and go Scott free.

No one!

       TBC ♥️.

Bryan is a perfect gentleman 🤭🤭🤭



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