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      πŸ₯€{Helping Her Get Over Him}πŸ₯€

               πŸ¦‹ EPISODE 60πŸ¦‹







    My head bangs so terribly and I can feel something draped on me.

Or me draped over something.

I don't know which one to be correct.

I sigh as I raise up from the bed and my head only hurts the more.

Oh God!

What the hell happened and why the hell does my head hurts so much.

I stare down and I gasp,almost shouting as I pull back immediately.

The something that I was draped over wasn't really something but it's Bryan.

What the hell is happening?

How come I'm laying on him and he has his arms wrapped around my waist?

I gulp in before staring around the room to be sure that it's the same room that we have been staying at his parents house and it is.

What the hell happened last night?

I can't remember a single thing.

My head hurts terribly too.

I sigh as I try moving away from him but he has his arms tightly wrapped around my waist.

I groan before removing his hand from my waist and been sure that I don't wake him up in the moment.

He stirs in his sleep but doesn't wake up as he turns to the other side when I successfully unwrap his arms from around me.

I jump down from the bed and stare at him.

I'm still confused about how the hell we ended up in that position.

My first instinct is to wake him and have him explain but after what he did for me.

I don't want to be that way to him anymore.

I still need answers though.

I should try and put the pieces together.

I mean... I remember him telling me that we have to go somewhere.

After that, he dragged me along to the bar and then...

He said to get drunk and let everything out and then...

Then we start drinking and...

God! I can't remember what the hell happened after that.

I'm such a terrible drinker and I wouldn't have remembered anything but it's Bryan...

I'm sure that he didn't do anything. He wouldn't have do anything.

It's strange how I suddenly have belief in him now.

I chuckle at my own thoughts.

Damn! My head hurts so terribly!

I sigh and stare at him sleeping once again before deciding to have a quick shower before he wakes up.

I stink of alcohol. I'm sure.

I walk into the bathroom after disposing of my clothes and stepping under the shower.

The memories of him ripping my clothes apart while I lay there helplessly replays in my head and I'm quick to push it away.

I'm not going to break down again.

I'm not going to cry because of him again.

I'm not going to.


Wrapping a towel around my body, I step out of the shower and let out a breath.

I walk towards the door and before I could open it, it already opened and my eyes widen as it lands on him.

     TBC ♥️.

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