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          ✨{Forcefully Betrothed}✨

                 ðŸ¦‹ EPISODE 51🦋







 I turn behind and it's Bryan. He punch Ethan as much than I can count while I grab my ripped gown and use it to cover myself, tears rolling down my cheeks as I think about everything that had happened.

I can't believe that Ethan had been lying to me and I had been so finish,falling into his trap and believing his every lie.

I can't believe that's the guy I had fallen in love with.

I can't believe that's the guy that I hoped to marry once day.

 I can't believe that's the guy I had told myself that I couldn't live without.

I can't believe that's the guy that had always been sweet with me.

He had been fooling me all along and I had been so dumb to have believe everything that comes out of his mouth.

I believed his every lie and I would do anything for him.

The same guy was just using me for a bet.

The same guy that has been screwing my best friend behind my back.

The same guy that only got close to me because he wanted to win a bet.

The same guy that never for once loved me while I had spent months loving only him.

I can't believe that's Ethan.

The tears won't stop coming and I slow them to roll down freely.

I just couldn't control it anymore.

"Stay the fuck away from her. If I ever see you near her again, you're going to regret it and I'm going to report you for trying to rape my wife!"

Bryan groans and I shake my head.

"Do that and I will be sure to tell the entire world that you have been fooling them and you aren't really married to her."

Ethan smirks, his lips already busted from the many punches that he had received from Bryan and Bryan turns to look at me with surprise written across his face.

Yeah. I had thought that he was my life partner and I had told him everything that's going on in my life while he had been doing nothing but lying to me.

"Do that and I will be damn sure that no one is going to believe you because you have no proof of it expect than to say it. You will regret this."

With that, Bryan grabs his phone dialling a number I guess must be the police.

"Bryan's don't..."

My voice is small and only comes out as a whisper and he turns to look at me with his brows raised while Ethan ran away in the process.

"Please don't say anything. Just let him go.."

Tears rolls down my cheeks as I say the words.

"If you call the police now then it will be revealed to the entire world that a guy tried to rape me. I can't deal with that shame and not to say that my parents would know that I have still been going out with him while I was pretending to be married to you. They will be very disappointed in me."

I shake my head repeatedly. I can deal with anything but I can't deal with shame.

"Not to talk about your parents. They would know that I have lied to them and they would want to know why we are here and why I was with a guy. I can't.. I can't.. I can't..."

I shake my head repeatedly and he sighs before walking over to me and getting on the bed,holding me tightly to himself.

"I can't believe that he... He had been going out with my best friend and all.. all of this.. everything.. everything has only been a bet to him and nothing more. While I was busy Loving him like my life depended on it. He was... He was thinking about how to have sex with me because of a bet. I had been so . I had been so foolish..."

I shake my head and he coos against my ear, hugging me tightly to himself and my hands falls my my side, my tears soaking my eyes as I cry pathetically into his chest like my life depended on it.

        TBC ♥️.


Who else is glad that Ethan has been revealed.🤭🤭🤭😇😇

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