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 ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 43🌻
(Semi-Final Episode)

Joel's POV🌻

‘Carol just hang in there okay!! Just hang in there'..I begged with tears in my eyes as I pressed my lips to her forehead..

‘You see?? None of this would've happened if only you gave me the f**king money I asked for!!!'...Naomi screamed still pointing the gun at me..

‘You're a bad bad woman!! Superman would come to save us'..Nathan cried out and she snickered in return..

‘Ohhh my poor child?? Superman?? Superman died a long time ago!!'..

‘Naomi leave the kid alone he's done nothing to deserve this!!!'..i yelled dragging Nathan to my back as he cried softly...

‘Your money is mine Joel Romero!! I am your first love and your first wife and I gave you your first child!! Your first seed so I also deserve a part of your money!!!'...She yelled..

‘You stopped meaning anything to me the day you dropped the divorce papers with me Naomi!! the day we got divorced you lost every right to every thing I own Naomi!!'..I screamed and luckily in time the police arrived...

‘Hands up!! Guns down!!'..An officer screamed and Naomi went to the ground immediately...

‘This isn't over you bastards!! I'll surely be back'..she warned as she was cuffed into the car..

‘Call an Ambulance!! Any one!! My wife has been shot!!'...I called out for help and two officers ran over..

‘Don't worry sir an ambulance is on the way'...They reassured me and i sighed deeply...

God please don't let Carol die..

I just don't know what I'll do without her..

Please don't let her die...

Minutes later🌻
‘You have got to have patience and trust us Mr Romero your wife is in good hands'...The female doctor said as we both stood in front of the emergency room...

‘You don't understand doctor I need to be with her,she needs me in there doc'..I said and she smiled...

Why the hell is she even smiling I'm panicking here!!!..

‘You don't have to worry Mr Romero she'll be okay'..she said and shut the door on my face...

‘Is mommy going to be okay??'..Nathan whimpered and i carried him up in my arms...

‘Your mommy is going to be okay don't worry champ,your mommy is going to be okay'..I whispered..

I hope so...

The Next Morning☄️
‘Daddy wake up!! Daddy wake the doctor is here'..I heard Nathan say and opened my eyes..

‘Wait it's morning already??'..I asked in a yawn..

‘She's awake Mr Romero you can go see her now'..A nurse murmured..

Well Nathan doesn't even know the difference between a doctor and a nurse...

‘My wife is awake?!! Carol's awake?!'..I asked as soon as a burst of adrenaline shot through my veins...

‘Yes sir and she won't take her meds until she sees you'..The nurse replied and I chuckled following her with Nathan in my hands as we both walked over to Carol's ward..

‘Hey'..She murmured with a smile on my face and I just walked over kissing her hard on the mouth...

‘Don't you ever scare me like that ever again'..

‘Luckily the bullet only hit her arm making it easier to pull away and thankfully it had no effect on the two of them'..The doctor said..

Wait did he??..

‘Wait did you just say two of them??'..i asked..

‘Yeah your wife and the baby'..he replied and walked away..


‘Carol are you pregnant??'...i asked with a smile on my face..

‘Yeah you idiot what do you think the baby rattle was for?? We're expecting a baby!!'..she said aloud and i almost carried her off the bed...

‘Oh my God!! I'm going to be a daddy again!! Nathan you're gonna have a baby brother or sister!!'..

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