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 ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 41🌻

Joel's POV🌻

I arched my brow as Carol dropped a rattle in my hands and went inside the theatre...

What does this even mean??..

Well maybe she just wants me to keep it for Nathan..

I followed her quickly into the large hall where Nathan was supposed to perform and thankfully it started just as soon as I sat down...

‘Awww our baby looks cute in his octopus costume'..Carol whispered..

‘Not as his mother though'..I replied..

‘Why are you so corny today??'..She asked..

‘I don't know maybe I'm just happy that you're with me and I don't know why you gave me a rattle but I'll keep it anyway'...I replied with a smile on my face...

‘Jeez you're so clueless but I'll let you figure it out anyway'..She said..

‘Really?? Figure wh...' voice trailed off as soon as the play started...

Nathan started singing and moving around playing the role of a lost octopus looking for his mother...

‘I'm just a lost octopus who doesn't have a mother...I..I had a mother but she left me and my father heartbroken and sour,my father hated women all because of my real mother...well not until Aunt Carrie came into the picture.She became my mother and my father's lover,she became my best friend and my own lover too,she takes care of me and even when I'm not doing well in school she doesn't scream at me,she tells me that I should be the best version of myself and she'd always love me nevertheless so as an Octopus I would like to say thank you to my father for bringing a new octopus for his son'..He said and even though I am a man tears dropped from my eyes...

This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen or heard...

‘Will all the mothers of these wonderful kids come out please??'..The head teacher said and I turned to stare at Carol..

‘What are you waiting for?? Your son needs you now'..I whispered and kissed her cheeks..

I always say this times without number...

I wish I had met her earlier..

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