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 ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 40🌻

A month later🌻

Naomi's POV🌻

I whistled lightly as I walked into my lawyer's office and from the look on her face I knew something was amiss...

‘What's going on?? Has my ex husband agreed to pay the cash??'..i asked..

‘No I'm afraid Naomi,he wants to give you the child freely'..She replied and I flinched..

‘What?? No that's not possible!! What?!! I don't even want the kid I only want the money!!'..I yelled..

‘But he's your child Naomi'..She said..

‘F**k the child Ann!! I only want the money not Nathan?!! I left when he was just a baby and now you think he's going to remember me and acknowledge me as his mother?!! No way Ann you gotta help me with something?? Anything please I can make do with anything even if it's only a thousand grand cause I'm drag broke so please figure out something to do!!'..I yelled pacing about and she frowned...

‘You haven't paid me for my services and now you're saying you're broke??'..She asked...


I ratted myself out...

I was planning on running away when i eventually got the money but now it seems like my emotional blackmail game has gone wrong...

Carol's POV🌻

‘Hey baby'..I whispered as I kissed Joel hard on the mouth...

Ever since I almost left he's been treating me like an egg...

Picking me up from work and taking me out to dinner almost every day...

I guess he's trying to prove our marriage isn't a sham...

‘Hey did anyone tell you that you look spectacular today??'..He asked..

‘Yeah three husbands actually asked for my number just as I came into the school'..i replied..

‘Well they can't help it,my wife is the sexiest woman in this room'..He whispered..

‘You got that right'..the Janitor winked as he walked past us..

‘Good now let's go inside for the play before Nathan thinks we're jilting on him'..He said..

‘Uhhh Joel I've got something to tell you'..

‘What's that??'..He asked and instead of giving him a reply I placed a rattle in his hands..

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