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 ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 38🌻

Naomi's POV🌻

‘I'm here to see my son nothing else'..i replied and the next thing i knew Joel dragged me outside hurting my arm...

‘You are going to leave here and never come back you here me'..He said and i scoffed..

‘I have a right to see my son Joel and you can't stop me'..

‘I'll place a restraining order Naomi and then you can't come here!! I don't want Nathan to see the devil you are now get out before I call the cops on you!! You have a criminal record or have you forgotten Naomi??'..He said and i gulped hard..

‘You bastard!!! I'll be back Joel and I would get my son!!'..i screamed...

Joel's POV🌻

I smirked lightly as Naomi stomped out of the house...

Mark was right..

She can't do anything..

That was a close one though it would have been a disaster if Carol or Nathan saw her..

‘Who was that outside??'..Carol asked....

‘It was some shaman that has been disturbing me i told him I don't want to have my fortune read'..i lied and then she held out the paper I've been hiding for weeks..

‘Carol i—

‘Did you really think I'm stupid enough not to know!!! That your ex wife is back?!! God Nathan i can't even believe you would hide this from me?!!'..She screamed..

‘Carol i can explain it was too personal that's why'..the stupid words rolled out of my tongue..

‘Ohhh really?? It's none of my business i get it've never loved me did you?? Cause if you loved me you would tell me that your ex wife is back to get Nathan?!!'..She cried out and then i snapped..

‘Well this wasn't a real marriage anyway!!'..I yelled back and before i knew the gravity of my words she ran upstairs...

‘What are you doing Carol??'..

‘I'm leaving!!!'..



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