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  ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 37🌻

Joel's POV🌻

‘You must be f**king mad if you think I'm going to give you a million dollars just because of Nathan!! He isn't a thing or a toy to buy for heavens sake!!'...I screamed as I stood up..

‘Please sit down Joel'..Mark said and I clenched my fists and sat down...

Naomi smiled exposing her white set of diamond studded teeth and grabbed her bag as she stood up...

‘I would see you in court Joel'..she said and I nipped at my bottom lip throwing Mark a haughty glare...

If it wasn't for home training I surely would've killed Naomi and beat her to death...

After so many years of leaving me bankrupt,depressed and heartbroken she's back now for Nathan??..

Nathan doesn't even know her so what the hell is she trying to do??..

‘You can't let her win Mark,we can't let her win please cause i don't know what I'd do if I loose Nathan'..I begged and surprisingly he just smiled in return..

‘You surely don't know me Joel,I just set a trap for Naomi and she doesn't know it'..He said..

‘Trap? What do you mean by that??'..I asked and he smiled again..

‘Well now we both know that Naomi doesn't want Nathan,she just wants the money nothing else and even though it's the most despicable thing a mother would do I'm happy she did it —You don't have to go to court'...He said..

‘So you're saying I should hand a million dollars to Naomi??'..I asked and he shook his head..

‘Ignore her Joel,when she realizes you're not going to heed to her demands she'd surely leave'..He said and I extended a hand towards him to make contact by shaking...

‘Now I know why Carol likes you,you're smart'..

Two Hours Later🌻
I whistled loudly carrying the boxes of pizza I purchased earlier into the house and just then Carol bumped into me..

‘You sure look Happy what's going on??'..she asked...

‘Ohhh nothing I just cracked a deal so I bought pizza for all of us'..I replied and before she could say anything else Nathan ran downstairs...

‘Pizza??!! Gimme!!'..He screamed stretching towards the boxes..

‘Hey behave yourself young champ and besides mommy has to decide what we'd do okay??'...I replied..

‘Hmmmm i was thinking Pizza-Ice cream movie night'..Carol said and just then my phone buzzed...

I checked it and as soon as i saw the message here I winced....

‘What's the problem??'..She asked..

‘Nothing I'll be back'..i lied and walked towards the door..

‘Naomi what are you doing here??'

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