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 ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 35🌻

Carol's POV🌻

‘Jeez I can't believe you're crying,I'm sorry for screaming at you Carol'..Joel muttered as i off loaded Nathan's trick-or-treat basket...

‘Crying??? I'm not crying it's the onion please move out of my way'..I retorted shoving him aside and he frowned..

‘Carol please stop acting childish'..he said and i turned around sharply..

‘Childish?? I'm sorry did you just say childish?? You've gotta be f**king kidding me I'm off to bed!!'..I groaned loudly wiping my tears away and ran upstairs...

‘Carol we can talk about this!!!'..He called from downstairs and I held up a f**k you sign with my hands...

I can't believe he would say something like that to me!!...

It's like we're both back to square one or something...
Minutes later🌻
The party was over and everyone left..

Nathan went to bed and I had to take a shower..

Just as i came out Joel was at the edge of the bed staring at my wet body sultrily and i frowned..

‘Stop looking at me like that'..I murmured...

‘You're dripping wet so what do you expect??'..He replied and i scoffed loudly drying off my hair...

‘Carol I'm sorry okay?? I'm really sorry for shouting at you i shouldn't have'...He said..

‘Yeah you shouldn't have and that's why I'm mad at you!! for heavens sake Joel you don't claim to love someone without trusting the person?? I didn't even expect that kind of attitude from you!!!'...I yelled with my eyes pricking with tears and he nodded...

‘It's okay anyway it's all going to be fine'..I murmured wiping my tears away and he enveloped me in his arms...

‘Forgive me??'..He asked..

‘Yeah i forgive you but promise me you won't keep anything else from me??'..i replied and he kissed my forehead...

‘I promise'..

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