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 ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 32🌻

Carol's POV🌻

‘How do i look??'..i asked as i stepped out of the dressing room in my Black Canary's costume and blonde wig...

‘ a sight to perk any man up'..Joel replied with a smile on his face as he brushed his lips against my cheek...

‘Thanks you don't look bad your....uhh what are you??'..i asked gazing at his simple shirt and cotton pants...

‘Well I'm a dad and a lucky husband for the night who just wants everything to be okay,so is it a good costume??'...He asked...

‘Yeah and i think you're pretty rocking the dad thing but anyways I've got to go keep those kids in order and give Nathan some clear instructions before he goes trick-or-treating'..I replied and tried walking away but he dragged me back...

‘You forgot your mask'.he said holding up the beautiful hand crafted mask Lisa got for me...

‘Ohhh thanks'..I murmured..

‘Yeah and you also forgot to lock the door'..he murmured in return and i rolled my eyes...

‘I don't have time for s*x Joel the kids are waiting'..

‘Just a two...

‘Look i love you okay but right now I've got a business to promote and hungry little monsters to feed'...

Joel's POV🌻

I reluctantly let go of Carol who clearly was busy handling the party and since the other parents were just talking about how much of a bore their kids were I just stood up and left for my study..

A batch of new mails were on my table and I began going through them before Carol catches me working on a festive day...

My eyes came across a letter which was from Minnesota..

I read through and just then i felt a huge blow of something like a slap to my face...

Naomi is back?!!..

And she's summoned me to court???. 

For the custody of Nathan??..



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