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 ❤💚A Mother

              For his son❤💚
🌈An arranged marriage with a kid involved??🌈
🌻Episode 27🌻 

Naomi's POV🌻

‘You can't do this to me Anthony I love you!!!'..I screamed and held onto my boyfriend's white pristine shirt...

‘Love?? You know nothing of that word Naomi!! You don't love anyone cause you're a selfish woman!!!'..He yelled and pushed me away..

‘Selfish?? I made you who you are today Anthony and now you call me selfish??'..I asked wiping my tears away...

‘You made me?? Oh please Naomi you didn't make me you re planning to break me and it's not gonna work!! I know about your past!! I know you have a son which you abandoned with your husband!! I know you're a gold digger and a thief,I know your plan is to steal my money and run off with some other dude just like the way you did to Joel Romero!!! You know what?? Give me that ring!!'..He screamed and grabbed the $40,000 dollar engagement ring he got for me...

‘So you're calling the engagement off is that it?? You're not going to marry me again??'..

‘Yes I am not going to marry you cause you're a gold digging bi*ch'...

Carol's POV🌻

Did he just???..

No I mustn't have heard correctly...

Did he just say he loves me??..

‘D..Did..did I just hear you say..

‘That i love you?? Yeah you did Carol and I'll say it again...I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,i knew i felt something special for you right from the day you bad mouthed me in the Lawyer's office,Carol it's okay if you don't love me too but...'..He tried to say but i cut him off by kissing his mouth shut...

He linked his arms around my waist and we both pummeled to the ground with me on top of his body...


‘Shhhh not another word Joel,hearing you say that you've found someone you loved not knowing it was me almost ripped my heart apart but knowing I'm the woman you love just brings my happiness to a whole new level.I love you too and I..I want to spend the rest of my life with you and not six months?!! I want to be a mother for your son forever and not just for six months?? I want to be your wife Joel Romero,I want to cook for you,wake up with you,sleep next to you,kiss you knowing that you're going to be a part of my tomorrow'...i said and he smiled with a very beautiful twinkle that appeared in his eyes...

‘You make me the happiest man on earth Carol...Dammit I should have brought a ring'...He said biting his lower lip and I chuckled softly...

‘We're already married remember??'..

‘Oh yeah but it was an arranged marriage with just a kid involved,now is the beginning of our beautiful Family—Will you marry me again Carol Hernandez??'...He replied and I lowered my lips to his again..

‘Yes I will Joel,Yes I will'..

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